Real Name: Stuart Mosely

Class: Altered human

Occupation: Diner owner, superhero

Group Affiliation: None

Known Relatives: Nina Mosely (sister)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Delta City

First Appearance: Heckler #1 (September, 1992)

Powers: Heckler is a good fighter, possessing superhuman agility and resilience to damage. His main offense is his biting sarcasm, which usually angers his opponents and makes them reckless.He is also a skillful cross-dresser, using this talent to disguise himself as a gorgeous woman and distract opponents.

History: (Heckler #1-4)-Stuart Mosely was the mild-mannered owner of a diner named ‘Eats’ in Delta City. One day the voice of the city itself spoke to him, and told him that he must become its champion. Stuart was granted super-powers and a new sense of sarcasm; and thus, the Heckler was born. Stewart still spends most of his time attempting to manage his diner, but he finds the superhero bit much more exhilarating. His sidekick is a tech wizard named Ledge, and he is often given leads by an enigmatic customer known only as Dude. As the Heckler started cracking down on crime in Delta City, he drew the attention of crimelord Boss Glitter. Glitter sent a number of agents to kill Heckler, including El Gusano and Bushwack’r, but Heckler trounced them all.

(Heckler #5-6)-The Four Mopeds of the Apocalypse summoned a demon called Flying Buttress to destroy Delta City. The beast swallowed Heckler, but with the help of the magician Rabbi Zone he was able to destroy it. Heckler has not been heard from since, but presumably he still guards over Delta City.

List of appearances: Heckler #1-6

Comments: Created by Keith Giffen and Mary & Tom Bierbaum

Last updated: 3/23/2002

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