Membership: Dybbuk, Golem, Judith, Ramban

Base of Operations: Israel

First Appearance: Suicide Squad I #45 (September, 1990)


(Spectre III #15) - Kemal Saad, a former terrorist turned moderate leader of the Legion of Palestine was in Israel for peace talks, and the victims of his earlier terrorist attacks cried to Spectre. The Israeli superteam the Hayoth were Saad's security, Golem and Colonel Hacohen were both irritated by the situation, Hacohen personally knew people killed by Saad. The Spectre prepared to judge Saad and execute him, and the Hayoth stood in his way, but he made quick work of them. Golem's body was scattered into sand, although he still lived. Hayoth member Ramdan tried to reason with him that more blood would be spilled if Spectre kiilled Saad and the peace talks ended, but Spectre replied that he would avenge those future deaths too. Eclipso had possessed Hayoth liaison Colonel Hacohen and intended to use him to kill Saad to ignite a new Middle East conflict. Judith got in his way, and was badly injured when Hacohen shot her. Spectre disliked Eclipso taking vengeance from him, and Eclipso called him an usurper. Ramdan and Spectre were able to force Eclipso back into Hacohen's black diamond. Ramdan tied his life essence to Saad, and told Spectre that if he killed Saad he killed him as well, and the wrath of God finally backed off.

Comments: Created by John Ostrander, Kim Yale & Geof Isherwood.

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