Membership: Bowman of Britain, Bowman of the Bush, Phantom of France, others unnamed

Base of Operations: International

First Appearance: Adventure Comics I #250 (July, 1958)

History:  (Adventure Comics I #250) - The Green Arrows of the World were an international team of crimefighting archers all inspired by Green Arrow. GA and Speedy invited them to America to celebrate their accomplishments, and the Arrows were happy to show off the trick arrows that made them famous crimebusters. Crook "Counterfeit" Carson, who'd promised to get back at GA for sending him to jail, got wind of the meeting, and knocked out the Bowman of Britain, took his costume, and crashed the party. He told GA he wanted him to try out his Big Ben arrow, which had a timer attached. GA feigned interest, but knew the Bowman was an imposter because he carried a wanted poster of a criminal he claimed to be after, and the reward was in dollars, not pounds. GA disarmed the Big Ben, which was rigged to blow, and the Green Arrows captured the imposter.

Comments: Created by Bill Finger & Jack Kirby.

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