MembershipAnimal-Vegetable-Mineral Man, Botfly, Mr. Somebody, Porcelain Doll

Base of Operations: Jost Enterprises, Sacramento, California

First AppearanceDoom Patrol V #7 (April, 2010)

History: (Doom Patrol V #7) - Thayer Jost came under the influence of Mr. Somebody, who directed him to gather a team of metahumans. Thayer funded Botfly’s research into creating artificial life, and asked her to join his team. He then recruited the Porcelain Doll and Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man to his cause. Thayer’s mind scrambled to reassume control, but Mr. Somebody forbid it, and told him he’d erase his mind if that’s what it took.

(Doom Patrol V #10-12) - Jost / Somebody planned on taking apart the Doom Patrol piece by piece. He ordered Porcelain Doll to Oolong island to bring him the Chief, and sent AVM Man to kill teen Titan beast Boy, Elasti-Girl’s adopted son, in hopes of demoralizing the team. He called back AVM when he had a change of plans, but refused to explain himself. The DP stopped Porcelain Doll, but wondered about her motivations. She tried to teleport away to Jost Enterprises, but Elasti-Girl took her teleportation device and confronted Somebody’s henchmen. She was taken captive, and Jost / Mr. Somebody, used the opportunity to call a press conference. He debuted his corporate superteam the Front Men, and demanded the Doom Patrol release Porcelain Doll from Oolong. He painted the DP as villains, showing edited footage of Elasti-Girl’s attack on Jost Enterprises. Jost / Somebody explained to Botfly that the difference between heroes and villains was getting less every day, and the only thing that mattered was the message received by the public. The DP wanted Rita back immediately, so they visited Danny The Bungalow’s new resident Ambush Bug, and had him teleport them to Jost Enterprises. The remaining Front Men quickly fought them to a standstill, and Botfly threatened to kill Rita if they didn’t surrender. Jost / Somebody invited Somebody’s old Brotherhood of Dada teammate, Toy, to Jost Enterprises. He strapped her down, and explained that he was severing all ties to his counter-culture past. He gave a soliloquy about why he’d changed himself, realizing counter-culture was simply accepting a new norm. He said somebodies always changed history, never nobodies, and he believed in evolution, so he recreated himself as Mr.. Somebody. and then popped out her eyes and smashed her head open. Somebody let the horrified Jost momentarily free so he could see what Somebody did with Jost’s own hands. The DP had Ambush Bug teleport Porcelain Doll to Jost Enterprises and traded their captives. Jost revealed himself as Mr. Somebody and explained that he’d be building his Front Men’s reputation on the DP’s backs, and had them attack the DP. Their fight spread all over Sacramento, resulting in collateral damage, and lots of negative press for the DP, especially when Somebody called the media to claim the DP attacked them unprovoked. Somebody called up Chief on Oolong, and let him know he’d purposefully paired each of his team members against each DP member. Their Front Men suits were keyed to deliver a lethal blow to the wearer when each DP member used a certain ability. He was prepared to sacrifice his team for his own ends, but knew Chief didn’t want the DP to appear to be murderers. Chief demanded that the DP retreat, and the Front Men were victorious.

(Doom Patrol V #19) - President veronica Cale blamed the DP for damage done to her nation during a fight with the Secret Six, and decided to deport them. She negotiated with Mr. Somebody to make the Front Men the new protectors of Oolong, and flew them into her country to kick the DP out. The Front Men confronted the DP and told them to leave the country, but A-V-M Man begged them to resist.

(Doom Patrol V #20, 22) - The Doom Patrol were kicked off Oolong, and with the M.S.E. and Front Men fully embedded Mr. Somebody made his play, revealing to president Cale that he wanted her nation for his own, and possessing her body. The Front Men disciplined Oolong’s Science Squad for not following their orders, and Porcelain Doll maimed one of the scientists. Ambush Bug protested the Front Men being appointed Oolong’s new heroes by continually teleporting them to Antarctica. Cale / Somebody wanted to take care of Ambush Bug, but he was hiding in Danny The Bungalow, and destroying a pan dimensional enemy such as him could have had unforeseen repercussions. The Doom Patrol stormed Oolong, and defeated the Front Men. Ambush Bug let Somebody know, using his cosmic awareness, that DC was canceling the Doom Patrol comic, and the DC Universe was being remade after the company wide crossover Flashpoint. Somebody accepted that there was no point in fighting, and abandoned Cale’s body, and left the dimensional plane with the M.S.E.

Comments: Created by Keith Giffen.

The Front Men had a cameo in Doom Patrol V #14.

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