MembershipBlack Queen, Jack of Diamonds, Joker, King of Clubs

Base of OperationsGotham City, 1940s era, Earth-2

First AppearanceBatman I #5 (Spring, 1941)

History: (Batman I #5) - A group of down-on-their-luck smugglers discovered the half-dead Joker adrift in the sea after a battle with Batman, and rescued him so he could be their new boss. Joker dubbed his new gang the Four Cards, giving them monikers based on suites of cards to match his own Joker persona. They set up a scheme to rob patrons of the gambling boat “The Deck.” Batman investigated as Bruce Wayne, and the Four Cards Black Queen fell madly in love with him. Bruce changed into Batman and once “The Deck” reached shore he pursed Joker in the Batcar, but after missing a hairpin turn the car launched off a mountaintop. Joker kidnapped Robin, and lured Batman into the Four Card’s den, promising to play a card game for Robin’s life. Joker cheated, and when Batman attacked him he sealed the door to his den and set the building ablaze, condemning the heroes and the rest of the Four Cards to death. The Jack of Diamonds Card tried to shoot Batman, but the Black Queen, recognizing Batman as Bruce because of a shaving nick on his chin, saved him by shooting Jack. His dying action was to fatally shoot her in return, but before she died the Queen confessed her love to Batman, and he kissed her. Batman and Robin escaped the deathtrap and pursued Joker to a lighthouse. In the battle Joker fell from the lighthouse into a raging stormy sea. Batman reflected that he died because he forgot a suite in his Cards, the Heart. It was the Black Queen’s heart that saved Batman’s life.

Due to the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Four Cards' existence was erased from DC continuity.

Comments: Created by Bill Finger & Bob Kane.

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