Membership: Animal Man, Cave Carson, Congrilla, Dane Dorrance, Dolphin, Immortal Man, Rick Flagg, Rip Hunter

Base of Operations: Rocky Mountains

First Appearance: Action Comics #552 (February, 1984)

History: (Action Comics #553) - Immortal Man gathered Dane Dorrance, Animal Man, Cave Carson, Dolphin, Congo Bill and Rip Hunter and asked them to aid him in combating Vandal Savage. He told them they were Forgotten Heroes, but they could still make a difference. Immortal Man told them Vandal Savage infected Superman with time-seeds from the time pyramids. As the seeds dropped in Metropolis Park they turned it into a prehistoric jungle which quickly spread to the heart of Metropolis. The Forgotten Heroes investigated the pyramids, and then contacted Superman and let him know about Savage's plans. Superman flew into the sun to burn off the seeds, and then traveled back in time with Rip Hunter to the Big Bang to destroy the original time pyramid. He succeeded, causing the time pyramids to disappear from the present, but Superman was lost in the timestream, and Rip Hunter returned to the present without him.

Comments: Created by Marv Wolfman.

The Forgotten Heroes received a profile in Who's Who in the DC Universe #8.

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