Membership: Count Viper, Deathstroke, Ice, Kid Psycho, Shadow-Thief

Base of Operations: Mobile, Earth-Tangent

First Appearance: Tangent Comics: The Atom #1 (December, 1997)

History: (Tangent Comics: The Atom #1) - <three years ago> The criminal superteam the Fatal Five killed Atom II at the urging of their leader Shadow-Thief, who wanted to get back at Atom  II's father, the original Atom, who killed Shadow-Thief's father.

(Tangent Comics: The Atom #1) - After years of evading the authorities the Fatal Five's headquarters was discovered by Atom III, son of Atom II. He defeated the Fatal Five, all of whom were brought into custody except Shadow-Thief, who teleported away.

Comments: Created by Dan Jurgens

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