Membership: Doctor Diehard, Dreamslayer, Gorgon, Lord Havoc, Tracer

Base of Operations: Angor

First Appearance: Justice League Europe #15 (June, 1990)

History: In the dimension of Angor the Extremists, a group of supervillains, took over the world and detonated the world's supply of atomic weaponry. The Extremists  thought they would survive, but they thought wrong. The only thing to survive the holocaust was Wacky World, an amusement park that could create Wackytrons, highly advanced androids. Wacky World's programming instructed it to create patrons if none were available, so it reconstructed the last living creatures on Earth, the Extremists. The Wackytron Extremists came to Earth, misappropriated nuclear weapons, and held the planet hostage. Justice League Europe traveled to the Extremists' dimension and came back with Mitch Wacky, inventor of Wacky World. Mitch had the power to deactivate any Wackytron, and he did so to the Extremists.

Comments: Created by Keith Giffen, Gerard Jones and Bart Sears.

The Extremists received a profile in Who’s Who in the DC Universe #5.

The Extremists were analogs of Marvel Comics villains; Doctor Doom (Lord Havoc), Dr. Octopus (Gorgon), Dormammu (Dreamsayer), Magneto (Doctor Diehard) and Sabretooth (Tracer).

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