Real Name: June Moone

Class: Human magic-user

Occupation: Magician

Group Affiliation: Justice League Dark

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Washington, DC

First AppearanceStrange Adventures I #187 (April, 1966)

Powers: Enchantress was a skilled magician.

History:  Enchantress' magic corrupted her, and June Moone found a way to separate herself from her Enchantress persona.

(Swamp Thing VI #3) - Matt Cable was scouring the world to find a way to strip Alec Holland of the Swamp Thing's powers, and he contacted Enchantress to locate a mystic item that would do the trick.

Comments: Created by Bob Haney and Howard Purcell.

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ENCHANTRESS (pre-Flashpoint)

Real Name: June Moone

Class: Human magic-user

Occupation: Superhero, supervillain, formerly artist

Group Affiliation: Shadowpact, formerly Forgotten Villains, Suicide Squad, Sentinels of Magic

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Strange Adventures I #187 (April, 1966)

Powers: Enchantress knew spells that let her fly, phase, alter inanimate matter and shapeshift.

History: June and her boyfriend Alan Dell attended a party at Terror Castle and soon found out that the castle was haunted by evil mystical forces. June encountered a creature named Dzamor that transformed her into the Enchantress and imbued her with magical powers. She used her newfound power to rid Terror Castle of it's malevolent energy and went on to a successful career fighting evil as a superhero.

Dzamor told her that she could gain omnipotence by altering the astral alignment of the moon and stars, but if she did so the scientific laws of the universe would be turned upside down. She nonetheless made the attempt, hoping she would gain enough power to wipe out all evil on Earth. She was prevented from doing so, and afterward became bitter enough to make a bid for world conquest. She joined the Forgotten Villains, but their nefarious schemes were thwarted by Superman and the Forgotten Heroes.

(Suicide Squad I #1, 2) - Enchantress was recruited by the Suicide Squad; in exchange for going on dangerous missions they promised to find a way to suppress the dark side of her personality. She participated in pre-emptive attack on Quarac’s super-powered terrorists the Jihad. Once the Squad infiltrated Jihad hq they successfully dismantled the terrorist team, and Enchantress destroyed Jihad member Djinn.

(Suicide Squad I #3 (BTS)) - Enchantress was put under heavy sedation and unable to help the Suicide Squad defend Belle Reve prison against the Female Furies.

(Suicide Squad I #4) - Enchantress and the Suicide Squad discredited James Heller (William Hell) and the Aryan Nation in the public eye.

(Day of Judgment #1-4) - June was committed to the Ostrander Mental Institute. When Asmodel / Spectre unleashed Hell on Earth the magical surge transformed June back into the Enchantress. She freed herself from the Institute, and then picked a fight with Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. When she saw Asmodel and his army of demons, she decided not to get involved and flew away. The Sentinels of Magic went to Hell to reignite its' fires that Asmodel put out so the demon army on Earth would return home. Deadman possessed Enchantress to force her to go on the mission, although she soon expelled him from her body, but by that time there was no going back, soshe joined the Sentinels. They defeated Cerberus to gain entry to Hell, but once there they fell into the River Styx. Their souls were assaulted by their worst nightmares, and Enchantress had memories of an abusive childhood brought to the surface, but they were saved by Faust, who had no soul. The heroes were ready to reignite the hellfire pits when they were attack by Nebiros. Firestorm destroyed Nebiros, and Faust knew only a completely evil act could reignite the pits, so he killed the Enchantress and threw her into the pits to set them ablaze.

Comments: Created by Bob Haney and Howard Purcell.

In pre-Crisis continuity Enchantress' attempt to move the moon from its' orbit was thwarted by Supergirl (Kara Zor-El). In the post-Crisis DCU Supergirl had not yet come to Earth when the aforementioned events took place. So who stopped the Enchantress? My personal guess is Power Girl, who replaced Supergirl in a few other pre-Crisis stories. The DC Comics Encyclopedia supports this theory.

Enchantress received a profile in Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #7.

Identity Crisis #4 showed the JLA looking through photos of a number of ex-Suicide Squad members, including Enchantress.

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