Membership: Bulldozer, Junior, Sgt. Rock, Wildman

Base of Operations: Europe, WWII era, Earth-3839

First Appearance: Batman / Captain America #1 (December, 1996)

History(Batman / Captain America #1) - Sgt. Rock and Easy Company were American troops who fought in the European theatre during WWII. On January, 1945 they teamed up with the legendary Captain America to take down the Nazis’ War Wheel. Captain America got a letter from military intelligence urgently requesting his presence stateside for a top-secret mission. Captain America wasn’t eager to leave the frontlines of the war, but Rock said they were both soldiers, and it wasn’t up to them to question the chain of command. Captain America bid farewell to Easy company, and they told him it was an honor to fight alongside him.

Comments: Created by Bob Haney & Ross Andru.

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