Membership: Alan, others unnamed

Base of Operations: Elmond

First Appearance: The Hawk and the Dove I #1 (August-September, 1968)

History: (The Hawk and the Dove I #1) - Alan was kicked out of university for cheating on a test, so he formed a gang of thugs and committed a number of robberies. He named his gang the Drop-Outs and tried to give the impression that they were college students so that both the university and student body would receive criticism. They robbed a social event and were confronted by Hawk, but their superior numbers won the day. Alan's girlfriend Rita Watkins didn't want to believe that he'd gone bad, but confessed her suspicions about him to the police. Hawk and Dove found the Drop-Outs farm hideout and defeated them, just in time for the police to arrive and apprehend the criminals.

Comments: Created by Steve Skeates & Steve Ditko

The Drop-Outs had a flashback cameo in Hawk and Dove II #1.

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