Membership: Abnegazar, Ghast, Rath

Base of Operations: Hell

First Appearance: Justice League of America I #10 (March, 1962)

History: The Demons Three were brothers who ruled Earth one billion years ago until the Timeless Ones learned of their wickedness and imprisoned them beneath the Earth. The Demons Three had the foresight to leave talismans behind hidden on Earth, the Green Bell of Uthool, the Red Jar of Calythos, and the Silver Wheel of Nyorlath, all of which were guarded by magical creations. In the modern era sorcerer Felix Faust contacted the Demons Three in a bid for power, and they revealed the location of their talismans to him. If he suceeded in unearthing them he would set mystical events into motion that would free the Demons 100 years hence. Faust tried to manipulate the Justice League of America into carrying out his scheme but failed.

(JLA #6) - Abnegazar and Ghast used a hex to resurrect Rath as a maggot. There was discord in Heaven, as Asmodel and the Bull Host pursued the angel Zauriel to Earth. Neron saw a chance to claim souls, and called the Demons Three to assist him. The JLA raced to protect Zauriel, but Neron trapped Flash in the teleporter connecting the JLA Watchtower on the moon to Earth. They were pleased with the idea of making Earth dark again, just like in the days when they ruled the planet. Flash escaped, and Superman saved the moon, gravely disappointing the Demons. Neron told them he was just setting pieces in motion for a game of damnation. He showed them the JLA defending Zauriel, who ended up in the apartment of a woman he was in love with. Neron said that they’d just sit back and see someone damn themselves.

(Day of Judgment #1) - The Demons joined Neron in torturing Asmodel, his latest captive. Asmodel escaped captivity and merged with the Spectre-Force, unleashing Hell on Earth, and allowing the Demons to attack Earth.

Comments: Created by Gardner Fox & Mike Sekowsky.

The Demons Three received a profile in Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #1.

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