Membership: Gole, Jaffar, Kurin, Pyron, Shalligo, Slig, Trok

Base of Operations: Apokolips

First Appearance: New Gods I #6 (December, 1971-January, 1972)

History: (New Gods I #2, 6) - The Deep Six were a team of half-humanoid beings, presumably mutated inhabitants of the planet Apokolips. The Deep Six were charged by Darkseid with bringing Apokoliptan fury to Earth. They killed the New God Seagrin, and mutated sealife into the monstrous Spawn. Lightray confronted the Six, and they bound him in mutated kelp and made him a masthead for their control boat, a small vessel they cast adrift containing mutated sealife that acted as a "sender," directing Spawn's movements. Orion tracked down Slig and beat him to death, but the rest of the Deep Six unleashed Spawn, who destroyed a number of ships. Orion found Lightray and freed him, and Lightray transformed the "sender" at a molecular level into a technoorganic “caller” that would draw Spawn and the Deep Six to them. Lightray and Orion battled the Six, and Orion killed Jaffar with the astro-force, but Spawn was ready to devour them when Lightray’s transformation of the “caller” completed, making it a living warhead that destroyed Spawn and the Six in an explosion. Lightray sped Orion to safety at lightspeed.

(New Gods III #17) - In The Promethian Galaxy Yuga Khan broke his bonds, and his return to existence constituted a greater threat to life than even his son Darkseid. The skies darkened, and his presence was felt by all of Apokolips, including the Deep Six in their undersea spawning pit.

Comments: Created by Jack Kirby

The Deep Six received a profile in Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #6.

There was a pin-up of the Deep Six in the Fourth World Gallery.

Deep Six’ appearences in New Gods I #2, 6 were reprinted in New Gods II #1, 3.

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