Membership: Carla White, Chaser Bron, Dirnu Jurnin, Donna Troy, Epernix, Ferrin Colos, Igritz, John Flint, John Stewart, Merayn Dethalis, Mo Douglas, Oroong, Vardan Radz, Zifor

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the universe

First Appearance: Darkstars #1 (October, 1992)

History: When the Guardians of the Universe decided to create a peace-keeping corps, a group of them splintered off due to differing opinions about the operation. This splinter group became known as the Controllers, who vanished for billions of years. In this time the Controllers organized NEMO (Network for the Establishment and Maintenance of Order), using agents known as Darkstars, highly trained warriors given powerful armor and extensive training. The Darkstars operated throughout the Milky Way, mostly in places where space was not patrolled by the agents of the Guardians, the Green Lantern Corps. When the Guardians went to another dimension to reevaluate their goals, the Darkstars extended their organization throughout the universe, filling the void left by the dismantled Green Lantern Corps. The Darkstars became highly respected in a short time, and when the GL Corps began rebuilding, the Darkstars never slowed down.

When Darkstar Ferrin Colos tracked a criminal to Earth, his supervisor Huvah Jeddigar decided it was high time the Darkstars established a base on the planet. Colos deputized two humans into the Darkstars, Mo Douglas and John Flint. Their trial of fire came when intergalactic criminal Evil Star ran amok on Earth, and they passed with flying colors.

(Green Lantern III #73) - The Controllers withdrew their power from the Darkstars, leaving only the eighteen Darkstars wearing new model self-contained power suits active. John Stewart was placed in command of the remaining Darkstars and they planned to confront the being that was traveling the universe destroying worlds and killing Darkstars.

(Green Lantern vol. 3 #74, 75)-After Hal Jordan destroyed the GL Corps, the Darkstars were spread thin in their intergalactic police tasks. Soon after the Darkstars were decimated by Grayven on the planet Rann. The aftermath is that Mo Douglas is dead, John Stewart is crippled, and Donna Troy and Merayn resign.

Comments: Created by Larry Stroman & Michael John Friedman

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