MembershipStingaree, others unnamed

Base of Operations: Europe

First AppearanceMetamorpho I #10 (January-February, 1967)

History(Metamorpho I #10, 11) - Stingaree was leader of the international crime empire Cyclops, but when he jilted his fiancée Urania Blackwell for another she vowed revenge, traveling to Egypt ang gaining elemental powers from the same meteorite that created Metamorpho, becoming Element Girl. Metamorpho and Element Girl penetrated Cyclops’ hq, but Stingaree turned the full force of Cyclops against them, and they were forced to flee and hide. Metamorpho’s fiancée Sapphire convinced her father Simon Stagg and Java to fly to Europe to find Metamorpho, and when Cyclops targeted their plane Metamorpho had to reveal himself to save the woman he loved. Metamorpho managed to defeat Cyclops cadre of foot-soldiers, but Stingaree confronted the heroes, seemingly destroying them with the chemical cocktail in his scorpion tail, beforeturning his attention to the Staggs. Metamorpho’s body fell in salt-water, reviving him, and he saved Sapphire, and clipped Stingaree’s tail, rendering him helpless. As a last act of revenge Stingaree pushed a button to flood the European villages above their hq, but Metamorpho turned into a giant iron bulldozer, saving the day.

Comments: Created by Bob Haney & Sal Trapani

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