Membership: Jill, Sidney, Raymond E. Newell, others unnamed

Base of Operations: Quad Cities

First Appearance: Wild Dog #1 (September, 1987)

History:  (Wild Dog #1) - The Committee for Social Change was a domestic terrorist organization convinced that society had decayed to the point where it needed to be torn down and replaced. Reporter Susan King was covering the opening of the River City Center, meant to revitalize the Quad Cities when she was taken hostage by the Committee. They bombed the center, and dragged her into the nearby Addler Theatre, demanding to give their rambling manifesto. Wild Dog made his debut, ramming a car through the theatre, and gunning down members of the Committee. Committee leader Raymond E. Newell put a gun to Susan's head, but Wild Dog kicked him in the neck, snapping it and killing him. He took Susan outside, but S.W.A.T. were waiting to arrest the vigilante, so he took her hostage and drove her to the countryside before dropping her off and fleeing. Susan determined that she could make her career with the Wild Dog story.

(Wild Dog #2) - Committee members Sidney was terminally ill, and chosen to be a sacrifice to the cause. He killed Dr. Mensa and, strapped with a bomb, impersonated him to gain entry to Mark Twain Junior High where they were honoring the Honor students' Congress. He promised to release the students after giving a speech about the evils of society and urging them to fight for his cause. Andy entered the gymnasium to negotiate, but Committee members knocked him out and locked him in a broom closet. As Sidney decided to only release half the students before blowing up the hall so they could serve as martyrs Wild Dog broke in through a skylight. He used a tranq dart to knock out Sidney before killing the other Committee members present. With the students safe he drove Sidney to a farmhouse, tied him up, and used his cell to call his committee contacts. when they came to rescue him Wild Dog detonated the bomb, killing them.

(Wild Dog #3) - Graham Gault invited Jack Wheeler, Lou Godder and Andy Flint on a riverboat cruise, again reminiscing about their football days. Graham gave them presents containing components of Wild Dog's outfit, and he said he knew one of them was Wild Dog. He said he didn't expect any of them to out themselves, but the I.S.A. would welcome Wild Dog's continued help in tackling terrorist organizations. Susan King was shadowing them, and Graham easily spotted her. He told her to stop trying to uncover Wild Dog's identity, because the longer he was in the limelight the longer she could share it with him. The ship brought them to Arsenal Island, an AMCOMM facility filled with government weaponry. They watched a rocket launcher test, and Graham revealed that he thought the Committee for Social Change would be targeting the island. The Committee arrived in speedboats, and the friends got separated. Jack slipped away to change into his Wild dog gear, and using weaponry from the Arsenal Island museum he killed most of the terrorists. Two remained who tried to blow up an ammunition storage, but Wild dog took them down as well.

Comments: Created by Max Allan Collins & Terry Beatty.

The Committee for Social Change had a cameo in Wild Dog Special #1.

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