Membership: Dark Ranger I, Dark Ranger II, El Gaucho, Knight III, Legionary, Man-of-Bats, Musketeer, Raven Red, Squire II, Wingman

Aliases: Batmen of All Nations

Base of Operations: Private island in the Caribbean

First Appearance: Detective Comics I #215 (January, 1955)


(Batman I #681) - Dr. Hurt, the Black Glove and the club of Villains came to Gotham City to destroy the Batman Family. Robin reached out to Squire for help, and she assembled the Club of Heroes, who traveled to Gotham. The Club saved Robin from Club of Villains members Swagman and Pierrot, saying they were there for the Batman Family in their time of need. The Club said they’d been investigating the Black Glove ever since their encounter with them on John Mayhew’s island, and were closing in. The Club of Villains’ henchmen were running rampant throughout Gotham, and the club of Heroes said they’d handle it, telling Robin to go to Batman.

Comments: Created by Edmond Hamilton & Sheldon Moldoff.

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