Real Name: None

Class: Extraterrestrial

Occupation: Singer

Group Affiliation: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile throught the universe

First Appearance: Infinity, Inc. #14(May, 1985)

Powers: Chroma could create a rainbow of energy that caused massive electrical disturbances in the atmosphere. He was able to mesmerize large groups of people with his singing.

History: (Infinity, Inc. #14, 15)-Chroma’s history is unknown, except that he is an alien being who had spent a long time writing a song of doom and destruction. One day he appeared in the skies of Los Angeles above an outdoor rock concert. He mesmerized the crowd and subjected them to his song about the end of life on Earth. Infinity, Inc. attacked him and he feigned being beaten into unconsciousness. Infinity, Inc. took him to a hospital where he revealed that he had only pretended to be injured to see their reaction. The whole point of his song was also to observe the reaction of his listeners. The Infinitors argued among themselves while trying to decide what to do with Chroma, and he took this opportunity to return to space. He claimed to have been satisfied by what he had seen.

List of appearances: Infinity, Inc. #14, 15

Comments: Created by Dann Thomas, Roy Thomas & Todd McFarlane

In pre-Crisis DC continuity Chroma was active in the Earth-2 universe.

Chroma received a profile in Who’s Who Update ’87 #2.

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