Membership: Fog, Frenzy, Mr. Nobody, Quiz, Sleepwalk

Base of Operations: The Painting That Ate Paris

First Appearance: Doom Patrol II #26 (September, 1989)

History: (Doom Patrol vol. 2 #26-29)-Mr. Morden aspired to join the Brotherhood of Evil, but after an unfortunate incident was forced to flee their wrath. Mr. Morden was later transformed into Mr. Nobody and decided to form his own superteam with four other outcasts he discovered in trips around the world. He created a new Brotherhood, one not dedicated to evil, which Mr. Nobody considers an outmoded concept, but to Dada. The Brotherhood of Dada would celebrate the absurdity of life, and their first project took them to the vaults of Mr. Horst Eismann, a German collector of bizarre artifacts. They found a painting that could devour anything that beheld it. Taking the painting to the base of the Eiffel Tower, they absorbed themselves and the entire city of Paris. The Doom Patrol were deemed the only superheroes able to cope with the Brotherhood's general weirdness, and entered the painting. The Brotherhood were forced to relinquish Paris from the painting, but they remained inside. 

Mr. Nobody yearned for freedom, but the rest of the team had come to like life in the painting. Mr. Nobody escaped and created the New Brotherhood of Dada, intending to utilize the painting to absorb America. Mr. Nobody and the painting were both destroyed by Yankee Doodle. When the painting was destroyed, the Brotherhood of Dada presumably died too.

Comments: Created by Grant Morrison & Richard Case.

The Brotherhood of Dada received profiles in Who's Who in the DC Universe #1 and The DC Comics Encyclopedia.

The Brotherhood of Dada had a flashback cameo in Doom Patrol V #6 and Teen Titans III #32.

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