Membership: Boleslaw Uminski, Christina, Gregor Gregorovich

Base of Operations: Russia

First Appearance: Flash II #7 (December, 1987)

History: Dr. Pytor Orloff gave superspeed to three test subjects, Boleslaw, Christina and Gregor using gene splicing, steroids ad electrode implants. The newly formed Blue Trinity acted as super-agents for the Russian government, but the process that gave them their powers left them mentally unbalanced. Flash III and Red Trinity attempted to brig Orlorff to America to save the life of Speed McGee and were opposed by Blue Trinity. Blue Trinity battled them all the way from Russia to NY but were eventually defeated.

Comments: Created by Mike Baron and Jackson Guice.

Blue Trinity were profiled in Who's Who: Update '88 #1.

Statues of Blue Trinity were seen in the New Flash Museum in Flash II #208.

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