Class: Extraterrestrial

Known Representatives: None

Aliases: B'Ool Sporath

Base of Operations: Mars

First Appearance: Martian Manhunter II #32 (July, 2001)

Powers: The Bloodworms could move or tunnel at superhuman speeds and spewed acid that dissolved virtually anything in their path. They had razor-sharp teeth and appendages.

History: (Martian Manhunter II #32) - The Bloodworms were the perennial enemy and predators of the Martians. White and Green Martians cooperated for the first time in ages to rid themselves of the Bloodworms. They sent the Bloodworms to their moon Phobos and then shot bombs at the moon to destroy them. The Whites diverted some of the explosives and brought Bloodworms to Earth, where they incubated their young in hopes of one day controlling them and using them against the Greens. Their experiment was abandoned, and millennia later the last of the Bloodworms escaped and started murdering humans to provide themselves with sustenance. The Martian Manhunter confronted them and realizing their human victims’ skeletons remained intact he changed his body to imitate human bone, keeping him safe from the Bloodworm’s acid long enough to hurl them into space. They died upon reentry, but Manhunter took a Bloodworm egg back to his home, because he did not want to eradicate a Martian species, even if it was a natural enemy of his own people.

Comments: Created by Tom Mandrake

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