Membership: Anima, Ballistic, Geist, Hook, Jade, Loria, Mongrel, Nightblade, Sparx, Razorsharp

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Showcase '94 #12 (December, 1994)

History:  The Blood Pack was a number of heroes who all gained their powers from being attacked by Space Parasites.

(Faces of Evil: Prometheus #1) - Prometheus fatally shot Hook during a robbery, and the Blood Pack pursued him in the name of justice. They caught up to him, but he was also being pursued by his mentor, the original, and much more dangerous Prometheus. The real Prometheus told the Blood Pack not to interfere in his business with his protégé, but Gunfire heedlessly attacked him. Prometheus responded by cutting off his hands, rendering him powerless. Prometheus opened a portal to his extradimensional Ghost Zone, and an infuriated Anima leapt through to pursue him, but it closed as she was halfway through, cutting her in half. The Pack's leader Argus was in a state of shock, but told Gunfire to hang on while he got him emergency help.

Comments: Created by Charles Moore & Christopher Taylor.

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