Real Name: Unrevealed

Class: Human?

Occupation: Bounty hunter

Group Affiliation: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Intergalactic

First Appearance: Lobo: Unbound #2 (September, 2003)

Powers: Bling was a skilled combatant armed with firearms, a sword and chainsaw. Bling was an excellent and heartless schemer and manipulator.

History: (Lobo: Unbound #3 (fb)) - Bling Bling and her trusty sidekick Butt Thump Willie D carved out a reputation for themselves as bounty hunters, but Bling set her sights high and wanted to usurp Lobo as the premier intergalactic bounty hunter. She interrupted one of Lobo's dates by taking a chainsaw to his girlfriend, winning the Main Man's affections. After months of dating she poisoned Lobo's dolphins and made a breakfast of them for Lobo. After he realized what happened his spirits were crushed. Bling left him, but shadowed him to make sure he was still miserable and his career was in the dumps.

(Lobo: Unbound #2, 3, 5) - Bling hired Lobo through her intermediaries Chudda-Ba and the Blue Ointment Boys, and offered him half a billion creds to assassinate Nabob Abui, lruler of the planet Y'Abbah Dhabba Dhu. Lobo took the job, and as killer of the Nabob he became the new Nabob and was forced to remain on-planet, unable to collect the bounty, which Bling couldn't pay anyway. Dhabba Dhu was fabulously wealthy thanks to a Coproma 37 mine that yieled the element necessary for power chips, and Bling wanted the money the planet brought in for herself. She was allied with power players that would have frowned on her directly killing the Nabob, but she could get away with killing Lobo and usurping the Coproma. Lobo ripped her face off, but let her live as revenge for her killing his dolphins, and reminded her that just because she got him down never meant he was out.

(Lobo: Unbound #6) - Bling Bling, still faceless, but with a piece of her forehead sewed back on, appeared on a cable news show and insulted the host, who had criticized her hip hop lifestyle

Comments: Created by Keith Giffen & Alex Horley

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