Membership: Big Barda, Black Alice, Black Canary, Catwoman, Dove, Gypsy, Hawk, Hawkgirl, Huntress, Judomaster, Katana, Lady Blackhawk, Lady Shiva, Manhunter, Misfit, Oracle, Power Girl, Vixen

Base of Operations: Gotham City

First Appearance: Showcase '96 #3 (March, 1996)


(JLA #117) - Former members of the Secret Society of Super-Villains who’d had their minds altered years ago by the JLA because they knew the secret identities of everone in the JLA had their memories restored by Despero. The JLA knew the villains were going to target their loved ones, so Flash checked in on the Birds of Prey to make sure they were okay.

(Batgirl I #67) - Batgirl reluctantly contacted Oracle and the Birds of Prey, who picked her up on Aerie One. Oracle promised to dig up whatever intel she could on Lady Siva’s whereabouts. Black Canary took Batgirl aside, saying she had a surprise for her and asked her to spar. Batgirl was shocked when Canary started using some of Lady Shiva’s moves and started choking her. Canary didn’t realize Batgirl was on Shiva’s trail and confided in her that she’d learned some of Shiva’s moves because they’d been in contact through letters. Shiva was offering to train and mentor Canary, but for now she was keeping it a secret from the other Birds of Prey. Oracle was keeping tabs on Nyssa Raatko, who was taking over what remained of Ra’s al Ghul’s criminal empire and still had connections with the League of Assassins. Batgirl speculated that Nyssa might recruit Shiva to be the League’s new Sensei and Lady Blackhawk flew her to Nyssa’s strong hold in the Balkans. Oracle made an effort to reconcile with Batgirl, saying she was incredibly special to her. Batgirl was amenable, and even listened when Oracle insisted she put effort in learning to read and write if she ever wanted to take over for Batman. Oracle did a brain scan and realized Batgirl’s language centers were spread all over both hemispheres of her brain, and that traditional ways of learning to read and write wouldn’t work well for her, so they’d come up with something else. Before they could continue the conversation Aerie One arrived in the Balkans, and Batgirl promised Oracle she wouldn’t be a stranger.

Comments: Created by Chuck Dixon.

The Birds of Prey had a cameo in JLA #121.

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