MembershipByron Boswick III, Duchess Victoria Boswick, Duke Byron Boswick II

Base of OperationsThe Duchy of Lesser Boswick, North Korea, formerly Iraq

First AppearanceDoom Patrol V #17 (February, 2011)

History: (Doom Patrol V #17, 18) - The Boswicks were a royal family that were cursed with immortality after accepting an assassination writ on a sorcerer. They found that immortality put a strain on their old money heritage, and hired themselves out as assassins to any nation that would pay them. They were all sociopaths used to an extremely decadent lifestyle, so killing for money came naturally to them. In the modern era a scandal the Boswicks were forced to relocate to Iraq, but after a short time they were no longer welcome in the country. They were forced to seek safe haven in North Korea, and were accepted because the North Korean megalomaniac ruler had often used the Aristocrat’s services. He hired them to kill Veronica Cale, President of Oolong Island, because he saw the newly sovereign nation as a threat to Korea. The Aristocrats accepted even though Cale had been a very good client in the past. They invited her to a diplomatic gala, at their Duchy and she brought along her super team the Doom Patrol as bodyguards. The Duke kidnapped her, while the Dutchess indiscriminately killed the guests at the party. The Doom Patrol fought the Aristocrats, and disabled the security system that kept the Duke’s former test subjects locked down. The test subjects had been mutilated so the Duke could explore immortality, and once freed they started destroying the Boswick mansion. The Doom Patrol escaped with Cale, and the Aristocrats sulked in their defeat.

Comments: Created by Keith Giffen, Matthew Clark & Ron Randall.

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