Membership: Anointed One, Gamemnae, Manitou Raven, Rama Khan, Sela, Tezumak, Whaler

Base of Operations: Atlantis, 1004 BC

First Appearance: JLA #70 (October, 2002)

History:  <1004 BC> Rama Khan saw a prophecy of a “seven-headed hydra” that would bring about destruction. He found Gamemnae, and proposed to form a league of heroes from around the world to combat the threat, not realizing it was she who sent him the prophecy. She knew the JLA would arrive in their era and try to stop her schemes of conquering Atlantis, and wanted them dead. With the additions of Manitou Raven, Tezumak, Sela, Whaler and the Anointed One the Ancients were formed and went on to become the greatest hero team of their era. They ruled Atlantis after Gamemnae had raised it from the sea. The Ancients sent Tezumak and Manitou Raven over 3,000 years into the future to combat the JLA, but they returned defeated. The JLA followed them into the past, and the Ancients confronted them and slew them. Manitou Raven had realized that Gamemnae was evil, not the JLA, and cast a spell to preserve them. Gamemnae confronted him, revealing that she was going to kill the Ancients so they couldn’t oppose her bid for Atlantis to conquer the world. She’d absorbed Rama Khan into her body and was about to do the same to Manitou when he fled, so she turned her attention to her other teammates. She killed Tezumak and the Anointed One, and absorbed the rest into her body. Manitou cast a containment spell that sealed off Atlantis from the rest of the world, so that Gamemnae could not conquer it. Another JLA traveled to the past where they freed Aquaman, who merged with the ocean, and sank Gamemnae’s Atlantis. Zatanna cast a spell that returned Aquaman’s Atlantis to the present day. Gamemnae, in the modern era, weakened by this change in history, was easy prey for Manitou Raven, and he sacrificed himself to destroy her.

Comments: Created by Joe Kelly & Doug Mahnke

The Ancients received a profile in JLA / JSA Secret Files & Origins #1.

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