Membership: Bossman, Junior, Slim

Base of Operations: Townsville, Earth-Powerpuff Girls

First Appearance(television) What A Cartoon!: "Crime 101" (February, 1995), (DC Comics) Powerpuff Girls #14 (June, 2001)

History(Powerpuff Girls #14) - A mattress delivery truck collided with an armored car, scattering mattresses and cash everywhere. The Amoeba boys decided to make their bones by committing a major crime, ripping the tags off the mattresses. The Powerpuff Girls secured the money before any crooks could steal it, and the amoeba Boys were insulted that the girls didn’t notice them, and the mattress truck driver wasn’t interested when the Amoeba Boys bragged about what they’d done, saying he was just driving the mattresses to the dump anyway. The Amoeba Boys finally admitted to themselves that they were failures as bad guys, so they decided to change their tactics and try and be heroes. They asked the Powerpuff Girls, who were rescuing a treed cat, for advice, but the Girls had no time for them. The Amoeba Boys decided to rescue cats from trees, but since there were no cats in distress they decided to rescue a squirrel from a tree. After multiple failed attempts and getting bitten by the squirrel a number of times they gave up. They saw a homeless man warming himself  with a trashcan fire and made a plan to be heroic by putting the fire out. The chopped down Townsville’s water tower, flooding the city. The Powerpuff Girls flew in to clean up, and yelled at the Amoeba Boys to stop making a mess of things. Mojo Jojo prepared to destroy Townsville Hall with his super death ray, and the Amoeba Boys tried to stop him by moving Townsville Hall. Sara Bellum and the Mayor watched incredulously as the Amoeba boys dynamited their building, sending it through the air. Mojo Jojo was incredulous that the Amoeba Boys were interfering with his caper and aimed his death ray at them. Townsville Hall hit another building, setting off a domino effect that knocked over a number of buildings, and one of them crashed on Mojo Jojo. The Powerpuff girls arrived and the Amoeba Boys expected accolades until the girls pointed out that they’d destroyed most of Townsville in the process of saving Townsville Hall.

Comments: Created by Craig McCracken.

The Amoeba Boys were characters from Cartoon Network’s The Powerpuff Girls cartoon that were licensed by DC Comics. This entry covers only their DC appearances. For a full history of the character see

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