Membership: Commander, Hornet, Storm-God, Tank Man, Titan, several others unnamed

Base of Operations: The Hangar, Earth-50

First Appearance: The Authority I #13 (May, 2000)

History(The Authority I #13-16) - Krigstein was head of a top-secret U.S. military branch, initiated by President Truman. He spent billions creating the superhuman team the Americans in case America's citizens ever got out of line. They also battled Russian super-soldiers during the Cold War, but along with Krigstein disappeared from the public eye in after 1989. Unwilling to see politics and his privileges change, Krigstein sent the Americans to kill the Spirit of the 21st Century once she was born. Jenny Sparks, the Spirit of the 20th Century, died, and she was reborn in Singapore as Jenny Quark. The Doctor of the Authority knew about Krigstein's plans, and rescued Jenny immediately before Tank Man slaughtered the maternity ward she was in. The Americans ambushed the Doctor and cut him off from the Authority's ship the Carrier when he tried to teleport away. Commander told Titan make their deaths messy, and said he wanted to see some civilian casualties too. Titan grabbed a jet and hurled it at the Doctor and Jenny, but her powers kicked in, shielding them, and blowing off Titan's legs. Krigstein was amazed to see her powers manifest, and changed his plans, he wanted Jenny alive so he could manipulate the next century to be what he wanted it to be. The Authority arrived, killing Titan and several other members of the Americans, although Commander badly injured a temporarily depowered Apollo. The Doctor fled to the Carrier, but the American's android member defeated him, abducted Jenny, and the Americans returned to the Hangar. The Authority located the Hangar, and Krigstein responded by loosing his army of superhumans on the world's capitals. The Authority split up to deal with these armies, with Apollo leading the defense of Washington. He crippled the Commander and the Storm God, but allowed Midnighter to have his fun and take them out in his own gruesome way.

Comments: Created by Mark Millar & Frank Quitely.

The Americans were an analog of Marvel's Avengers.

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