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Gone With The Wind

  • Gone with the Wind made its premier in Atlanta
    Georgia on December 15,1939, The date was chosen so
    it would be able to qualify for the Acadamy Awards for that year.
    It had come along way since its begining on January 26,1938.
    It was called "Selznick's Folly" it had run
    well over budget, had suffered director changes
    and many other problems to get it ready for the promised release.
  • Almost up untill the day it was released, changes were being made,
    scenes being edited due to time constraints, re-takes
    and music editing. One is left to wonder what happened
    to all that edited footage that we will never see.
    It is a shame that an extended version of this timeless
    classic has never been pieced together.
    To all of us who have looked upon GWTW as a friend
    all these years, Imagine the thrill of going to the theater
    and seeing it in its entirety.
    But I can't think about that now, I'll think about that tomorrow.

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