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Some Information About MySelf..

My Nick: the story about my nick is very long, but I'll tell you why I've chosen this nick..First of all, my name is Fatema and I like people calling me Fattamy and it was my nick in the AlamakChat.

My Nationality: Emirati and I am proud of being so..

My Age: I am 22 years old * born on 12th of November *
Note: if you are thinking of sending me a present, I'll be waiting **Kidding**

My Traveling:  I've been to Saudi Arabia , India *4 times*, Egypt *twice*  and the US.

My Studies: I have finished my high school in 1995, I did some courses in computing before I've entered the college. For the time being, I am studying IT which has so many subjects like programming, networking......etc.  I'll finish my studies in the year 2000, then I'll get Higher Diploma **Hopefully**

My Personality: I think I am very sensitive, tender and friendly..I have good relationships with my friends and teachers...


Contact My ICQ No.: 27075161