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I've made this link because when I have to search on the Internet about the computing locations, I can't found them so easily.  Here I have some useful locations and brands of famous computers: 

Machine that performs a wide variety of activities such as mathematical calculations or electronic communication with speed, reliability and skill.  People use computers in many ways like in business, homes, education and scientific research. 
Computer System is made up of a number of system components which allow the system to perform calculations and complicated tasks.  The physical computer and its components are known as hardware.  The hardware includes the memory, the bus, the CPU, the input devices and the output devices.The programs that run the computer are called Software.  Software is to direct the general operation of the computer.  IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE COMPONENTS OF THE COMPUTER: CLICKHERE
After knowing the components of the computer very well, you can start assembling your computer and bring all these components together. Isn't that Cool? Just follow the instructions HERE
Computers can communicate with other computers through a series of connection and associated hardware called a network.  Click HERE to see more information about the network.
C++ is most powerful and popular programming language.  It was produced in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie at the Bell Telephone Laboratories.  It was created to help the programmer in designing the UNIX operating system and it allows the programmers to get things done much faster and easier.
Visual Basic
Visual Basic is a useful programming environment that contains building applications, codes, screens, compilers and forms. The benefit of learning Visual Basic is that you can create your own programs which satisfy yourself. Here is an example of a simple program that lists the languages of some countries and display a message for that.CLICKHERE

Here are some useful computing locations: