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April, 1999

Putting Pressure on the 'HIV' Paradigm Protector Publications.

Editorial: It is time to make the Editors of Nature, Science, The Lancet, BMJ, JAMA, New Scientist, Scientific American et al publish the evidence that 'HIV' does not exist; write to them directly or pay them a visit at their offices! Ask them to give you the empirical evidence for the existence of 'HIV' and 'AIDS'. As the public face of the 'scientific community', these Editors control the discourse around 'HIV' and 'AIDS' but have kept the knowledge for the non-existence of 'HIV' from their readership. These editors have an ethical, political and scientific responsibility to the 'scientific community' and public at large to inform them that 'HIV' is government fraud. Harold Varmus, Robert Gallo, Luc Montagnier, Robin Weiss, Myron Essex, David Baltimore, Anthony Fauci, Donald Francis, James Curran, David Ho, et al, must be brought to justice and charged with 'AIDS War Crimes' (that is, government manufactured genocide: iatrogenic and pyschogenic aids-cleansing policies).

"Like Altman in the New York Times and Cohen in Science, Horton contribute to fudging the issue about relationships between AIDS (whatever it is), HIV and other viruses...Horton is still accountable to the scientific community for his tendentious selectivity in presenting the HIV/AIDS issues...I accuse you, Richard Horton, of scientific and journalistic irresponsibility.."

The Horton-New York Review File, Serge Lang.

"Politically it stinks. Medically it stinks. Culturally it stinks. More and more people are beginning to realize this and are demanding a full-scale public investigation of what, quite literally, is turning out to be a (medical) fairy tale...Those who continue to perpetrate the myth that HIV is 'the deadly AIDS virus' have blood on their hands and will be tried as war criminals once the truth about 'AIDS' is finally brought to light."

Dr. Michael Ward, Director of the Institute for Self Healing, San Francisco, 'Is the 'deadly AIDS virus' Government Fraud?', New York Native, 4, February, 1991

"The official AIDS paradigm represents the most colossal blunder in medical history. The Crimes Against Humanity committed in the AIDS War rank with any in history...If there were justice in the world, the AIDS-criminals would be brought to justice, given fair trials, and executed..." John Lauritsen, The AIDS War, Asklepios, New York, 1993

We must combat 'hiv' occultist mind control by deprogramming those manufactured/voodooed as 'hiv' zombies or 'aids' clones. We must inform everyone that 'hiv' and 'aids' do not exist but are merely very crude semantic media-political constructs designed to regulate and exterminate soiled sections of smelly society. They use the constructs 'hiv' and 'aids' as social cleansing devises: get tested, get labelled, get stigmatised, get exterminated via 'psychogenic aids' and 'iatrogenic aids'. And, as usual faggots are their own worst enemies; they largely instigated the 'hiv/aids' fraud on their own brothers - bastards! Gays Against Genocide (GAG) were, in hindsight, correct to publicly promote their street-flyposter campaign titled: 'GAY MEN KILLING GAY MEN'. GAG-men saw politically correct middle-class gaymen promoting iatrofaggocide and wanted to inform the homofascist community about this cultural cleansing of young queenery and faggory. Queers are still collaborating to kill Queers; queer doctors, queer journalists, queer 'hivaids' community (business) directors and queer community leaders (carrerists) promote faggocide cleansing. From the mid/late 1980s onwards martin delaney, larry krammer, simon watney, edward king, keith alcorn, duncan campbell, david smith, nick partridge et al promoted the 'hiv' fraud as the politically expedient lie that would take the heat of queers by making it look like 'everyone' was at risk; they could not be honest enough to see that very specific cultural behaviours caused multifactorial conditions specific to particular high risk-groups; the crude labels 'hiv/aids' simplified and obfuscated the multifactorial reasons for premature deaths observed mainly in gaymenkind. We can only sole and dissolve 'hiv/aids' once we have erased these voodoo constructs; it is these constructs that are the problem. Yet many queers desperately need 'hiv' and 'aids' as 'crutches', as 'ideological cement', as a 'unifying label' as a suburban petit-bourgeois lifestyle community identity; gaymen and queers need 'hiv' and 'aids' because they are 'comforting lies'. Queers don't want to be informed that 'hiv' and 'aids' do not exist; they have internalised these 'authoritarian personality' constructs so deeply; like they desire to be poisoned (punished) to death, put to death, by 'antiretroviral' euthanasia by 'daddy doctors' (they desire to be killed by their doctors are their symbolic fathers. If you take away 'hiv' from many queers they'll have nothing to live for. Editors of science journals also need the money-career spinner: 'hiv'. Richard Horton (The Lancet), Philip Campbell (Nature), Floyd Bloom (Science) have all been given the evidence that 'hiv' does not exist; but they simply cannot afford to publish such data because it would be a colossal threat to the multibillion dollar 'hiv' war industries. Those 'hiv' paradigm-protectors and profiteers like Richard Tedder, Robin Weiss, Robert Gallo, Jay Levy, Luc Montagnier have the knowledge that 'hiv' does not exist but they cannot 'come out' in public on this since they'd lose face and kudos and careers. They simply dare not admit they pushed the 'hiv' fraud. At this late stage in the fake-game why aren't the likes duncan campbell, simon watney, keith alcorn, mike youle exposing the 'hiv lie'? They can't milk it forever (andeverandeveramen). In his superficial liberal-humanist-coffee-table-kitsch book, 'practices of freedom', watney wrote the cliché: "hiv, the virus that causes aids", and duncan campbell said in 'Open Eye', Issue 3, 1995:"I absolutely believe that hiv causes aids." Yet surely these very liberal, Observer/Guardian reading politically correct - (though scientifically incorrect) - gay men would have realised that 'hiv' and 'aids' are media constructs and have not existence in bio-logical 'reality'? Many dissenters have argued that politicallycorrect gay journalists and charity directors - through propagating the 'hiv/aids' lie - have perpetuated and directly instigated 'iatrogenic aids' and 'psychogenic aids' by pushing fraudulent 'hiv' testing and azt/ddi/ddc/pi poisoning.politicallycorrectgaymen have made 'good money' from killing innocent gay men; they must be made to pay back all that wetshinydrippingbloodmoney they've milked from the iatrogenicqueerteardeaths. david smith, editor of the homofascist filth, Gay Times, has long promoted psychogenic and iatropharmo 'aidsing' in vulnerablegaymen and has openly despised 'hiv/aids' dissidents and still promotes poisonous poppers to panicpoofs. david smith is too smug and selfcongratulatory to confess he's been bullshitting his readers for years in pushing the 'hiv lie'; no doubt davidsmithh will-go-on-andonandonand-on with the highly profitable 'hiv-related-lies':since lies sell his rag and 'hiv-ads' help keep gaytimes and all the other poofpublications in business: fags need lies, lies make money:so profits and parasitespoison public opinion; and hence, davidsmith will never admit 'hiv' does not exist; glossygaytimes makesmoney from 'hiv-aids' lies. So the whole gaycommercialscene largely depends upon advertising revenue from 'hivstraightpharmaceuticaldrugpushers' and the 'hidioushivservice' industries; what a sicksadstate queer identity has become enslaved to: a 'pseudodiseasediseasedidentityindustry'. it is tragic that larry krammer, mark harrington, martin delaney and peter tatchell became so easily stiched into the cosy 'hiv' lie: wott happened to critical autonomous thinking...they just became soldoutclones; but then to win 'respect' in the insidious 'gaycommunity' one has to become enslaved to crtinouscloned 'hiv' belief; such is the authoritarian ethos of the 'homofascist' community; being subservient to a lie: 'hiv belief'. As Hitler rightly observed: "The bigger the lie, the more people will believe in it." There's simply too many people with reputations and vested interests for the 'hiv lie' machine to be blownapart.

Tothink of allthose politicallycorrectscientificallyincorrectevilqueenery that have madesomuchmoney out of multimurderinggaymen! And they still do; there's moneyinmurder.

In a 'review' of Duesberg (which was an overt form of hiv propaganda), The Lancet editor, Richard Horton, naively asked: "How could so many scientists have gotten it all so badly wrong?" ('Truth & Heresy about AIDS', New York Review of Books, 23 May, 1996). Quiet easily. They got it "so badly wrong" because they were (and still are) 'framed' ('interpellated') and group-tranced within the dominant ruling-ideology of the 'hiv paradigm. We need mass-deprogramming to get the synthetic constructs 'hiv' and 'aids' out of peoples' skulls and torsos; only by erasing the totalizing constructs 'hiv' and 'aids' can we then begin to (re-examine the dis-eased body in all its 'plurality', 'heterogeneity' and 'difference'. None hashivaids - they havehistories of particularconditions; and those conditionsillnessesevolve throughtime;as does thebody; so noone person everexperiences the sameset of conditions in the exactsameway!

Stefan Lanka jetisons the construct 'aids' altogether: "AIDS is an energy deficiency problem. The 'AIDS' term is absolutely meaningless because it has nothing to do with n immune defect or immune deficiency. It is clear that we are dealing with an energy deficiency. So the term 'AIDS' has to be replaced by the term 'AEDS', 'Acquired Energy Deficiency Syndrome'. 'AEDS has a rational basis, and is treatable." (Zenger's, December, 1998). It was at the 12th AIDS Conference, Geneva, that Lanka presented a press release announcing the 'AEDS' hypothesis ('A.E.D.S., not A.I.D.S. Has the global sex and blood plague been only a scientific bluff?, Regimed & MuM, 1st July, 1998, Geneva World AIDS Conference). So at Geneva, evidence was given that 'HIV' and 'AIDS' do not exist; yet Richard Horton did not mention this 'news' in his overrated and discredited journal, The Lancet. However, sooner or later, Horton and his henchwoman, Stephanie Clark will be forced to eat crow and kak and publish the fact that 'hiv' and 'aids' were fraud. They cannot livein 'hivraidselatedfairycakecastletoytownforeverandever'.

David Barry, William Blattner, Sam Broder, John Coffin, James Curran, Max Essex, Anthony Fauci, Donald Francis, Robert Gallo, David Ho, Harold Jaffe, Jay Levy, Luc Montagnier, Peter Piot, Richard Tedder, Harold Varmus, Jonathan Weber, Robin Weiss, as the propagators and profiteers of the 'hiv/aids' paradigm, are accountable to the scientific community and society at large for perpetuating the 'hiv' fraud; they must answer questions and engage in public debate.

Can Robin Weiss and Richard Tedder prove the existence of 'hiv' in Nature, Science and The Lancet? It amazes us at deathcamp that fagcommunity leaders and 'diagnosedqueers' and editors of 'hivqueercommunity' magazines seem so subservient and protective of these highlypaid and overrated straighthivcareerists! Queers protect and propagate the very straightpeople who promote faggocide!

Groups such as IFAS, GAG, HEAL, ACT UP SF, ApS, TAPS, Regimed and MuM must put pressure on the editors of science journals to expose the 'hiv' fraud. Philip Campbell, Nature, Floyd Bloom, Ellis Rubinstein, Jon Cohen, Science, Richard Horton, Stephanie Clark, The Lancet, Rudy Baum (C & EN), Lawrence Altman, New York Times must be made publicly accountable for spreading misinformation uncritically with their 'hiv/aids' war-propaganda.. They continue to abuse their journalistic power (kudos) by disseminating 'hiv' propaganda. They have also treated the 'hiv' dissenters in an unprofessional and unscientific manner by responding with innuendo, obfuscation, verbiage and ad hominem repugnant pernicious politicians in fact. They continue to either misrepresent, ignore or censor scientific arguments that deconstruct the 'hiv' hypothesis and, indeed, the (non-existence of 'hiv'.The greatest barrier to the advancement of science is the profitable paradigm of the dominant group. There are just too many people profiteering from the putrid 'hiv' paradigm for it to be abandoned. Serge Lang sums this up: "The first law of sociodynamics (a) The power structure does what they want, when they want; then they try to find reasons to justify it. (b) If this does not work, they do what they want, when they want, and then they stonewall..." Or to paraphrase cultural theorist, Slavoj Zizek: "The 'hiv' paradigm (Party-and-State bureaucracy) feigns to rule in the name of the people while everybody knows that it rules in its own interest - in the interest of reproducing its own power..."



Thursday, December 3, 1998

The Lancet, Correspondence: For Publication


In the discussion section of their paper "Sex difference in HIV-1 viral load and progression to AIDS", (7.11.98) Farzadegan et al. suggest that their results can be interpreted in two ways, both based on HIV activity in a cohort of male and female injecting drug users (IDU's). Might we suggest that they may have overlooked a third possible interpretation of their data - that the harmful effects of the continuous use of illicit drugs far more logically explains the seeming equality of progression to AIDS in both sexes, irrespective of apparent differences in HIV kinetics between the sexes based on ambiguous 'viral load tests'.

Duesberg and Bialy1 in their critique of the Ho2 and Wei3 methods of calculating 'viral load' state:

"The senior researcher [George Shaw] of the Wei et al. paper has previously claimed that the PCR method they used overestimates by at least 60,000 times the real titre of infectious HIV [Piatak et al., Science, 259, 1993, pp. 1749-1754]. 100,000/60,000 is 1.7 infectious HIV's per ml... Further, Ho and a different group of collaborators have just shown [Cao, Y. et al. New Eng. J. Med. 332, 1995, pp. 201-208] that more than 10,000 'plasma virions', detected by the branched-DNA amplification assay used in their Nature paper, correspond to less than one (!) infectious virus per ml. And infectious units, after all, are the only clinically relevant criteria for a viral pathogen."

The infinitesimal quantity of cell free, infectious virus found using the Ho and Wei methods in Farzadegan's study can have little if any pathogenic relevance in AIDS causation.

However, Duesberg has shown elsewhere4 that illicit drugs themselves have been known for several decades to cause many diseases identical with those interpreted today as AIDS in the presence of an HIV positive diagnosis.

"These diseases include immunodeficiency, pneumonia, tuberculosis, dementia, candidiasis, weight loss, diarrhoea, fever, night sweats, congenital abnormalities, mouth infections, impotence, epileptic seizures, paranoia, lymphadenopathy, haemorrhages, hypertension and many others." (12 refs. cited)

Moreover, unless Farzadegan et al.'s findings can be confirmed by further studies involving similar numbers of HIV positive African and European males and females who are non-IDU's, their findings should be treated with the utmost caution. This is particularly important now that doubts are being expressed by leading AIDS researchers like Jay Levy 5 about the advisability of early intervention with combination drug therapies after an HIV positive diagnosis.


  1. Duesberg P. and Bialy H., letter to Nature, 375, 1995, p.197
  2. Ho D. et al., "Rapid turnover of plasma virions and CD4 lymphocytes in HIV-1 infection" Nature, 373, 1995, pp.123-126
  3. Wei X. et al., "Viral dynamics in human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection"

Nature, 373, 1995, pp.117-122

4. Duesberg P., "AIDS Acquired by Drug Consumption and Other Noncontagious Risk Factors" Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 55, 1992, pp. 201-277.

5. Levy J., The Lancet, 352, September 19th 1998, pp.982-3.


Death Camp News

Hi All,

Below is my report on the 1999 Chemotherapy of AIDS Conference that I

attended last week.




Chemotherapy of AIDS Conference

March 14-18, 1999

This year 105 people attended the 1999 Chemotherapy of AIDS Conference,

with 40% coming from industry. Compared to the 1997 conference, this one

was more subdued.

In 1997, virtually every presenter of new nucleoside analog inhibitors of

reverse transcriptase characterized the compounds as DNA-chain terminators.

This year not a single presenter mentioned the phrase DNA-chain

terminators. Experimental controls were as absent as they were two years


From my perspective the 4.5 day conference was largely a protracted yawn.

However, William Cameron's talk Thursday morning made the entire trip worth


Cameron is on the faculty of the University of Ottawa. He is clearly an

expert in designing and evaluating clinical trials. He told me that he

consults for Canada's FDA.

While it was evident that Cameron fully accepts the HIV hypothesis of AIDS,

nevertheless, he completely demolished the viral load surrogate marker as a

substitute for morbidity and mortality end points in clinical trials. He

said that people don't die of HIV viremia. He also stressed that viral load

is ASSUMED to reflect quantitative effects. There was no basis for this

assumption. I should point out that over the previous four days virtually

every talk and poster (excluding mine of course) relied exclusively on

viral load measurements to determine the effectiveness or failure of

anti-HIV drug therapies.

Cameron illustrated with specific examples how easy it is to "engineer" a

desired outcome in clinical trials using viral load surrogate endpoints. In

order to guarantee a therapeutic effect one needs only to recruit

relatively healthy patients and observe them only for a short period of

time. This method works even for drugs that have no therapeutic benefit and

are actually harmful to the patients. The explanation he gave (I couldn't

have said it better myself) was that healthy people tolerate toxic drugs

better than sick people.

He gave as a specific example the DDI clinical trial disaster. Over a short

12-week study, DDI showed efficacy based on viral load. But after 12 weeks,

patients on DDI experienced severe toxicity. Robert Yarchoan of the

National Cancer Institute had discussed the severe toxicity of DDI just

before Cameron's talk, which only emphasized the point.

Cameron also showed that the placebo arm of a surrogate marker clinical

trial can also show a pronounced clinical benefit, indistinguishable from

drug therapy, if only the studies were allowed to go longer. The end result

is that there would be no difference between drug and placebo as long as

the drug was not toxic.

It should be pointed out that to date all protease inhibitor clinical

trials were terminated prematurely before it could be determined that

people taking the drugs actually lived longer and better lives than those

not taking the drugs.

Cameron suggested that any therapeutic benefits due to the HIV protease

inhibitors may result from their anti-microbial activities since many

pathogens have essential aspartyl proteases. (HIV protease inhibitors

inhibit other aspartyl proteases.) However, he told me later that the

people he'd seen on HAART looked like hell. They were wasting away to

nothing among other problems. He was clearly not impressed with the drugs.

I was sitting at the back of the room during Cameron's talk. I had a good

view of how he was being received. A number of people were noticeably

uncomfortable, for example Martin Markowitz of David Ho's Aaron Diamond

AIDS Research Center. About halfway through Cameron's talk, Markowitz

grabbed a newspaper, turned toward the wall and pretended to read it.

Cameron lecture received only short, polite applause. It was the only time

I applauded the whole week.

On to other topics. By and large the week was pretty boring. Nevertheless,

there were a few scraps of information that some may find useful.

On Sunday, Angela McLean of the UK defined what is meant by acute HIV

infection or acute illness. A person is acutely ill with HIV if he or she

has a detectable viral load, i.e. the presence of HIV RNA, and does not

have antibodies to HIV as determined by the ELISA antibody test.

This definition, of course, does not take into consideration those people

who are false positive for the viral load and antibody tests or people who

go back and forth.

McLean said that at the peak of acute illness with HIV that 6 new cells are

infected with HIV by each previous HIV infected cell. (Peter Duesberg told

me that in the laboratory one retroviral-infected cell will produce enough

virions to infect 100 new cells.) She said that cytotoxic lymphocytes (CTL)

kill wild-type HIV-infected cells in about 2 days. She went on to speculate

that CTLs do not kill mutant HIV-infected cells, implying that this was the

reason for the drug failures. McLean admitted during questioning that no

other infectious agent had been put through her analysis. That means there

is no way to judge the physiological significance of McLean's studies.

McLean made the curious statement that the better the anti-HIV drugs work,

the more likely they will fail. Figure that one out. After a week of this

stuff I think I know what she was getting at. Shortly after a person begins

taking anti-HIV drugs his viral load drops. The greater the drop, the

greater the supposed therapeutic effect. However, virtually everyone on the

cocktails eventually shows a rise in viral load. This rise in viral load

was interpreted by most at the meeting to reflect drug failure. However,

there were a number of attendees who pointed out that a rise in viral load

did not mean those patients were experiencing a increase in clinical


Brendan Larder of Virco UK Limited began Monday's session on anti-HIV drug

resistance. There are now 5 HIV protease inhibitors available. The

ubiquitous viral load is the work horse of anti-HIV research and therapy. A

rise in viral load in people taking the anti-HIV drugs is interpreted as

drug failure due the appearance of drug resistant mutants. However,

responding to a questioner, Larder stated that the presence or absence of

mutations have nothing to do with "viral load resistance" seen in people.

This was echoed Tuesday by Philip Furman of Triangle Pharmaceuticals in

Durham, NC. Furman said that even a person with multiple inhibitor

resistant mutant HIVs responds to the protease inhibitor combos as

determined by a reduction in viral load in the first week. Furman did not

explain this curious observation.

Later that morning, Jaap Goudsmit of Holland continued the drug resistance

story. He began by contradicting the media reports that drug resistant

mutant strains of HIV represent a growing threat. Goudsmit said that

inhibitor resistant mutants are not transmitted from person to person. This

was due to the very poor fitness of the mutant virions. In Holland, the

appearance of mutant HIV resistant to reverse transcriptase inhibitors

peaked in 1995, he said.

Goudsmit made the obvious point that with antibiotics, the appearance of

drug resistant strains of bacteria, for example, increase with drug use. It

puzzled him that with increased drug use the appearance of drug resistant

mutants of HIV actually declined in Holland.

On Tuesday I had an interesting conversation with Che-Chung Tsai, a

pathologist at the University of Washington, Seattle. I learned that

T-cells pass through the entire lymph system, including all tissues, in 2

hours. At least 85% of T-cells reside in the gut. Because of this, he asks:

why doesn't AIDS start in the gut?

Dr. Tsai works with monkeys in his AIDS research. He said that HIV grows

2-3 times as fast in monkey lymphocytes but monkeys don't get AIDS and do

not incorporate HIV pro-viral DNA.

At the evening session on Tuesday the speakers tried to blame the metabolic

abnormalities seen in people taking the protease inhibitor combos on HIV. I

asked Kathleen Mulligan of UCSF why not treat a bunch of animals with HAART

(PI combos) and see what happens? The moderator interrupted saying that my

suggestion was irrelevant since the animals don't have HIV. That, of

course, was precisely the point: to separate the effects of the drugs from

HIV. Later a fellow in the audience told me that he was disappointed that

my question was not answered. He clearly saw the simple logic behind the

proposed experiment.

On Saint Patrick's Day our old friend Martin Markowitz of the Aaron Diamond

reported on their on-going study of 27 people still on HAART. As in 1997,

Markowitz didn't say a word about how those 27 people had been doing over

the past 2 years on the drugs. Two years ago I asked Markowitz if his

patients on HAART were doing better, the same, or worse while on the drugs.

He didn't answer after asking the question three times. He knew I was in

the audience, but this time I decided not to ask. If his patients had been

doing well I'm sure he would have let us all know, especially me.

Wednesday included a discussion of long-term non-progressors: those folks

who in spite of having either antibodies to HIV or HIV-RNA do not get sick

after 20 years and longer. Eric Rosenberg of Massachusetts General Hospital

said that viral load goes up and down in people whether they take the

anti-HIV drugs or not. In people taking the drugs, the therapy is given

credit for the reduction in viral load. In long-term non-progressors, the

immune system is given the credit for low viral loads or reductions in

viral load. Again, Rosenberg admitted without knowing it that the secret to

long-term non-progression is not taking the anti-HIV drugs.

Thursday, Anthony Japour of Abbott Laboratories cited the 1998 paper by

Palella et al. [Palella FJ, Delaney KM, Moorman AC, et al. Declining

morbidity and mortality among patients with advanced human immunodeficiency

virus infection. The New England Journal of Medicine (1998) 338(13):

853-860] as the best evidence that HAART was responsible for the decline in

AIDS deaths. After his talk I pointed out that the paper by Palella was not

a report of a clinical trial but was a retrospective survey. He

acknowledged that fact. Then I asked him didn't he think it unusual that he

used a survey and not a clinical trial as the best evidence that HAART was

extending people's lives or at least improving their quality of life? To

his credit, after the coffee break he acknowledged to the audience that his

earlier reference had been to a survey and not to clinical trial data.

Japour made it clear that clinical endpoints are no longer used in clinical

trials of anti-HIV drugs. The viral load surrogate is the sole basis for

determining clinical efficacy. Drug toxicity is apparently the only

clinical outcome that is noted. Current Phase III clinical trials are not

even blinded; they are open labeled. Both the physician and the patient

know whether they are on the drugs.

Robert Yarchoan of the NCI admitted that HAART has made the process of

clinical trial drug evaluations very difficult. He recommends that we go

back to extensive clinical trials of mono-therapy in drug naive people. The

current process is so complicated that it is virtually impossible to

conduct a clinical trial and interpret the results. In other words, we

don't know what the clinical trials are telling us. The FDA representative

in the audience said that the FDA supports mono-therapy on a case by case


In addition to relating the fiasco of the DDI clinical trials discussed

above, Yarchoan went into some detail about another tragedy: FIAU. FIAU was

supposed to treat hepatitis B and was approved after a short clinical

trial. However, after people were taking FIAU for periods just a little

longer than the clinical trials, they began dying at alarming rates before

the FDA finally pulled the drug off the market.

Yarchoan admits that the NCI is currently testing AIDS drugs that are

"likely to have severe toxicity," e.g. F-ddA.

Jeffrey Murray of the FDA gave a talk on the design of Phase III clinical

trials. By way of background, normal phase III clinical trials run from 1-4

years and cost $30-50 million. However, as of 1997, the FDA changed the

rules for anti-HIV drug clinical trials. Murray said this change was based

on a new knowledge of HIV pathogenesis. Maybe he was referring to David

Ho's viral dynamics stuff.

Accelerated Approval Protocol is as follows:

24 week double-blind study; all patient should receive standard of care (he

immediately then said this changes by the minute); report viral load

proportion below assay limit; show that CD4 cell changes are consistent

with viral load; report viral load vs proportion below 400. He said that

relying on mean changes in viral load is too limiting.

Pediatric clinical trial:

48 weeks based on last patient entered; all should receive standard of care

(i.e. AZT); report time to virologic failure (i.e. rise in viral load);

report proportion below assay limit; show consistency between CD4 and

clinical event.

Murray acknowledged that the FDA has not formally validated the HIV viral

load assay. Nevertheless, he said that, "the time to loss of virologic

response (i.e. how long it takes before a rise in viral load) is in a sense

a clinical endpoint." He even said that "the FDA believes in viral load."

That statement gave me the shivers. The FDA should be in the business of

evaluating evidence--not beliefs.

Murray said that failure is defined as viral load rebound. He also said

that "active drugs do not arrest symptom progression and certainly does not

return the patient to normal." This is probably why Martin Markowitz never

talks about how well his 27 patients are doing after 2 years on HAART.

Regarding safety, Murray said that toxicity studies in humans should last

48 weeks with 300-600 people evaluated over 6 months and a smaller number

over 1 year.

The FDA now asks for metabolism data for all trials. Jules Levin of NATAP

(a gay activist group in New York) told Murray that the "Community" will be

watching for the FDA to require metabolic abnormality measurements in

clinical trials.

During the question period a guy in the audience proposed that the rise in

viral load may not represent drug failure but actually immunological

success. He based this twist of viral load interpretation on the rise in

CD4 cells is the same patients.

Following Murrary's talk, William Cameron tore to pieces the viral load

mania as I described at the beginning.

David Ho's talk was Thursday evening, following the banquet. It was much

ado about very little. He reported on 8 selected patients who had been on

HAART for some time and had no detectable viral load. They took biopsies

from a variety of tissues and examined 175 different tissue sections for

the presence of replicating HIV. They found 13 sections containing at grand

total of 19 cells replicating HIV. I repeat: 19 cells in 8 people. Even if

this were true and not an artifact, this number of cells is physiologically

irrelevant. A guy in the audience asked Ho how significant were those 19

cells? Ho answered that when HAART was stopped that the viral load

rebounded, implying that those few cells were responsible for the rebound.

Concluding, Ho said that "long-term non-progressors have something

important to tell us." They certainly do but not what he wants to hear.

Finally, I presented a poster on Tuesday by Peter Duesberg and me on the

Drugs-AIDS Hypothesis. Surprisingly, it went quite well. The 18 copies of

the AIDS Dilemma paper by Duesberg and me were all taken during the poster

session. I only took 18 because I thought hardly anyone there would want to

be seen reading it. The 20 copies of my HIV kinetics paper were all gone in

30 min. That paper was certainly less threatening and could actually be of

use to some of those folks. Some people even came up and asked questions.

What amazed me the most was that instead of avoiding me at meal times (we

all eat together at Gordon conferences) my table was almost always full

even though I made a point of being the first to sit down. It just goes to

show that things are hard to predict.

David Rasnick

1600 B Treat Ave. #2

San Francisco, CA 94110

415-826-1241 (phone/fax)


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