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May-June 1998 Battling the 'HIV' Junta

Death Camp No 20 is dedicated to the memory of Ernst Jünger who died aged 102; writer, soldier, scientist: born March 29, 1895, and died February 17, 1998 (Cover).

"To live means to kill" Ernst Jünger.

Strategies Against 'HIV' State Terrorism: Counter-Justice, Guerrilla Operations, Radical Violence: Frantz Fanon, Michel Foucault, Ernst Jünger, Karl Krafeld

"From the moment that the State has strengthened itself against individual terrorism - the Red Brigades, Baader-Meinhof or the Palestinians - by developing its own brand of terrorism, you have to wonder what high court could prevent this infinite spreading of State crimes, of acts of war without war...All of us are already civilian soldiers, without knowing it. And some of us know it. The great stroke of luck for the military class's terrorism is that no one recognizes it. People don't recognize the militarized part of their identity, or their consciousness." Paul Virilio, PURE WAR, Semiotext(e), 1983

"For the colonised person, life can only emerge from the decomposing corpse of the coloniser. The practice of violence is all-embracing, since each forms a violent link in the great chain, a part of the great organism of violence which has surged forward and which has come as a reaction to the colonizer's first violence...Violence invests the character of the colonized people with positive and creative policies...Violence alone, violence committed by people, violence organised and educated by its leaders, makes it possible for the masses to understand social truths and gives the key to them..Colonialism is violence in its natural state, and it will only yield when confronted with greater violence." Frantz Fanon.

"A counter-justice would be one that enabled one to put into operation, in relation to some person who would in the normal course of events get away with what he's done, some kind of judicial proceedings (that is, to seize him, bring him before a court, persuade a judge, who would judge him by reference to certain forms of equity, and who would effectively sentence him to some punishment which the person would be compelled to undergo). In this way one would precisely be taking the place of the judicial system...I can see thousands of possibilities on the one hand for anti-judicial guerrilla operations, and on the other hand for acts of popular justice; but neither of these involves using the form of a court." Michel Foucault, 'On Popular Justice', Power/Knowledge, The Harvester Press, 1980

"Now the problem is to seize this violence that is in the process of changing direction. When formerly it took pleasure in myths and went out of its way to find new ways to commit collective suicide, notice how these new conditions will cause them to change their orientation." Frantz Fanon.

"The last war, our war, the greatest and most powerful event of this era...(becasue) in it the genius of war permeated the spirit of progress...(and) the growing transformation of life into energy....The overpowering wish to kill winged my steps. Fury squeezed bitter tears from me...nothing pleases me more than seeing the bullets of a machine-gun plastering the target in front of live means to kill". 1912-1918 War, Ernst Jünger.

"We were falsely hyped up to kill Saddam Hussein's troops and we get there and find out they are normal like me and you...War woke me up. War will open your eyes".
Timothy James McVeigh, Oklahoma City Bomber, Spin Magazine, April, 1997.

"In reply to Ernst Jünger's essay on nihilism, written for his sixtieth birthday, in which Jünger asked, in the wake of the Second World War, whether the world had surpassed the 'completed nihilism' which Nietzsche had anticipated for the future some sixty years earlier, Heidegger tried to alter the parameters of the debate: 'Your judgement of the situation follows signs which indicate whether and to what extent we cross over the line and thereby step out of the zone of complete nihilism. In the title of your essay Across the Line (Uber die Linie), the über signifies across, trans, meta. However, the following remarks interpret the 'über' only in the meaning of de, peri. They treat 'of' the line itself, of the zone of self-completing nihilism. If we stick to the image of the line, we find it blends a space which is determined by a place. The place assembles. The assembling shelters what is assembled. Out of the place of the line originates the origin of the essence of nihilism and its completion. For Heidegger it is not a matter of stepping across the line which divides consciousness from its objects, judge from witness, a nihilistic age from one beyond nihilism - in a future time in a future space. To step over or across this dividing line is merely to change the status of judge into witness or witness into judge...while the line which establishes these statutes remains as dominant as ever...Like Jünger and Heidegger, Foucault's questioning of law draws him to the image of the 'narrow zone of the line', as the place where the limit of finitude has been set by Kant, and where we discover 'that our path is circular and that, with each day, we are becoming more Greek..." 'Dialectic of Nihilism: Post-Structuralism and Law', Gillian Rose, Basil Blackwell, 1984.

"It is necessary to grow a new skin, to develop new thoughts, to set aloof a new man". Frantz Fanon.

"This body of ours, a disguise of whirling and banal molecules, is constantly revolting against the awesome farce of enduring. Our molecules just want to take off, quicker the better, back into the universe. Oh! they're lovely things. They differ from just being 'us', cuckolds of infinity. We'd burst if we had the courage to, it's but a day to day failure. Our beloved torture is locked up their, atomic, within our very skin, alongside our pride".
Louis-Ferdinand Celine, 'Journey to the End of the Night', 1932.

"To speak is always to speak from out of this interval between speech and radical violence...seperating them, but maintaing each of them in a relation of vicissitude".
Maurice Blanchot.

"In the concentration camps, the camps inmate is taught to experience the lives of other inmates as valueless and expendable while the lives of guards and bureaucrats are to be apprehended as inviolable. Thus the inmate is systematically conditioned not only to see himself and other inmates as slated for destruction , but as somehow meriting this fate. Some simply surrender to the pressures of this system and become living dead while others struggle to survive through purely self-serving behaviour. The camp system even in its most effective form never fully succeeds in forcing inmates to accept officially sanctioned distinctions. For as soon as survival is no longer an end in itself but a means, a sense of solidarity with the dead develops. The living speak for those who can no longer speak for themselves. ...Nadezhda Mandelstam writes: 'If nothing else is left, one must scream. Silence is the real crime against humanity'. Once the desire to represent the dead is conceived as the motive for survival, this hope begins to irradiate behaviour in the present. If one survives, one retains a memory of one's stance in extremis. For this reason it becomes important to retain some area of spontaneity, however small." 'Spirit in Ashes: Hegel, Heidegger, and Man-Made Mass Death', Edith Wyschogrod, Yale University Press, 1985.

"The high degree to which AIDS, terrorism, crack cocaine or computer viruses mobilize the popular imagination should tell us that they are more than anecdotal occurrences in an irrational world. The fact is that they contain within them the whole logic of our system: these events are merely the spectacular expression of that system."
Jean Baudrillad, 'The Transparency of EVIL', Verso, 1993.

"The Law no longer needs to be written or recognised since it is being made everywhere. It's no longer necessary to incarcerate people, you simply make them disappear. The Law disappears by spreading over everything."Sylvere Lotringer, PURE WAR, Semiotext(e), 1983

"Fell flat on his back with his mouth open ...Then Boro starts cramming him...he stuffs him...he stuffs him...he rams it down!...coins by the that, by force...The old guy swallows it all! He puffs for a second ...and poof he rams in another...another fistful! The old guy feels like throwing up too...He's making horrible efforts ...he's barking! He's beating the air!...waving his arms around...All you can see is the white of his eyes!...He wants to vomit but he can't!...not a single goldpiece!...he's convulsing, even disgorging! but only drool!..only gurgles...We jump on his belly...We bounce up and down on see if he's going to puke!...Go fuck yourself!...We bend down to look at his face...we put the globe lamp right against it...his heads split! Wow!...a hole right between the eyes...A crack!...A noseful of snot dripping...It's all white...all gooey...." Louis-Ferdinand Celine, 'Guignol's Band', 1948.

'HIV' Junta's Man-Made Mass Death

"The official AIDS paradigm...represents the most colossal blunder in medical will become plain why I have employed the metaphor of war: the terrible suffering and loss of life, propaganda, censorship, rumours, hysteria, profiteering, espionage, and sabotage. The Crimes Against Humanity committed in the AIDS War rank with any in history. It takes awhile for the enormity of the situation to sink in: that at this very moment, a quarter of a million people are being murdered by nucleoside therapy. In the AIDS War, there is a vast army of fools: venal fools and non-venal fools, crooked fools and honest fools...At the same time, there are also those in the AIDS Establishment who know exactly what they are doing , and are profiting thereby. If there were any justice, the AIDS-criminals would be brought to justice, given fair trials and executed". The AIDS War:Propaganda, Profiteering and Genocide from the Medical-Industrial Complex :John Lauritsen, Asklepios, New York, 1993.

Chuck Ortleb and Neenyah Ostrum of the (now defunct) New York Native stated that there will need to be Nuremberg-type 'AIDSGATE' War Crimes Trials to prosecute and execute those that have been complicit in man-made mass death.. Those guilty of 'AIDS GATE' War Crimes include: Robert Gallo, Myron 'Max' Essex, Dr Anthony Fauci, David Baltimore, Dr Jonathan Mann, Prof. Luc Montagnier, Francoise Barré-Sinoussi, Jean-Claude Chermann, William Paul, Harold Varmus, Jay Levy, Abraham Karpas, Dr James Curran, Mikulas Popovic, Michael Gottlieb, Daniel Zagury, Donald Francis, Peter Piot, Dr David Ho, Martin Markowitz, Max Perutz, Sir Aaron Klug, Jerome Horwitz, David Barry, Frank Young, Margaret Fischl, Dr Samuel Broder, William Blattner, Harold Jaffe, Howard Temin, Margaret Heckler, Dr Paul Volberding, Dr Marcus Conant, Robert Redfield, Prof.Richard Tedder, Dr Robin Weiss, Prof. M W Adler, Dr A J Pinching, James Deutsch, Sarah Darby, Dr Diana Gibb, Prof. Cathrine Peckham, Dr Janet Darbyshire, Dr Phillipa Easterbrook, Dr Brian Gazzard, Dr Mike Youle, Dr Ian Williams, Dr Ian Weller, Sir Richard Sykes, Prof. Trevor Jones, Dr Peter King, Dr James Palmer, Tessa Jowell, Lord Jellicoe, Sir Donald Acheson, Sir Austin Bide, Baroness Jay, Steve Connor, Phyllida Brown, Chris Mihill, Jon Cohen, Lawrence Altman, Sir John Maddox, Richard Horton, Hilary Curtis, Julian Meldrum, Derek Bodell, Susie Parsons, Nick Partridge, Larry Kramer, Martin Delaney, Paul Ward, Dr Sandra Hernandez, Simon Watney, Edward King, Keith Alcorn, Chris Smith MP, Duncan Campbell, Stuart Weir, David Smith, Peter Tatchell, David Pollard, Liza Power, Robin Gorna, Sean O' Brian Strubb, Bob Lederer, Mark Harrington plus thousands of other HIV Inc. scientists, counsellors, doctors. This is only the tip of the iceberg that brought you the Titanic 'HIV' fraud. Their global virtuous-violence and man-made mass death has been unleashed in the name of virtue and righteousness. The danger which is contained behind the mask of virtue is the mass-murder in the name of the non-existent 'HIV'.

This (s)hit-list of killers, collaborators and potential-corpses of 'HIV Junta' constitute the Evil of Banality (to invert Hannah Arendt's 'Banality of Evil') by their virtuous obedience and slavish-subservients to the 'HIV Fraud'. Now: with the new evidence in the Virology paper (Gluschankof, P et al, 1997, Vol.230: 125-133) that shows 'HIV' Does Not Exist - there is sufficient reason for them all to commit a Jonestown-style mass suicide. As John Lauritsen rightly states: "If there were any justice, the AIDS-criminals would be brought to justice, given fair trials and executed". We need a counter-justice to have these criminals executed en masse.
Why have these people got away with mass murder for so long? Because they perform their duties within the law through Virtuous Violence. They have performed their mass-slaughter in the image of virtue: their obedience to the law, rules, duties, obligations legitimates these virtuous persons (named above) to embark on their murderous destiny. These 'HIV Junta' killers, perpetrators and collaborators constitute what Immanuel Kant nominated as Radical Evil. This image of 'virtuous violence' is summed up by Mark Cousins: "The damage which can be created by a virtuous person is almost by definition far greater than the person who wishes to murder because that wish is easily put in to effect and easily satisfied....the introduction of virtue means that moment of satisfaction will never come because the satisfaction belongs to the object of duty which is never yet complete, never fully discharged...the instructive, the regularised maintain themselves this side of the law but what would happen if a type of virtuous citizen arose characterised by all the same predicates... characterised by all the same attributes, as the law abiding citizen in the service of evil? This is what Kant calls radical evil. The person who commits radical evil is far from the person who has a sense of transgressing the law. The person who commits radical evil is one whose whole intention, whose whole bearing is to obey the law. Who pursues evil but as it were in the form of absolute morality...who pursues it with the sense always of the difficulty of performing his duty...this is not someone who is going to go out and murder but this is clearly somebody who can do a lot worse...We find this nightmare of Kant's emerging in the writings of Hannah Arendt in the attempt to grasp what it is or who is the figure of that's embodied in Adolf often through out the trial Eichmann would say 'I have never once in my life ever been discourteous to a jew'...and he was right - the model of civility...this was the man who was sickened by the thought of violence..." (Mark Cousins, lecture on 'Radical Evil', 8 March 1996, London). A later-day reincarnation of Nazi death-dealers Adolf Eichmann and Rudolph Höss can be seen in this (s)hit-list of scientists, doctors, directors, journalists and petit-bourgeois bureaucrats who run the 'HIV Junta'. In Eichmann and Höss were personified all the Nazi virtues of duty, hard work, obedience; and all the worst of Nazi callousness and bestiality; this same mixture of virtue and violence epitomises those who dutifully serve under the 'HIV Junta'. Hannah Arendt states in her analysis of the banality of evil the personality of Adolf Eichmann: "It would have been very comforting indeed to believe that Eichmann was a monster.....The trouble with Eichmann was precisely that so many more were like him, and that the many were neither perverted nor sadistic, that they were, and still are terribly and terrifyingly normal. From the viewpoint of out legal institutions and of our moral standards of judgement this normality was much more terrifying than all the atrocities put together, for it implied - as has been said at Nuremberg over and over again by the defendants and their counsels - that this new type of criminal, who is an actual fact hostis generis humani, commits his crimes under circumstances that make it well-nigh impossible for him to know or feel that he is doing wrong." H. Arendt, 'Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil', New York, Viking, 1976, p.276. The HIV Junta scientists, doctors, counsellors, bureaucrats constitutes 'this new type of criminal': - they all dutifully, obediently, bureaucratically, silently, politely carry out the 'HIV Junta's Man-Made-Mass-Death ritualised-slaughter. Genocidal Bureaucracy makes possible the entire genocidal sequence: organisation, continued function, distancing, numbing, calculative surveillance, systematising, domination by technology: (HIV Testing, Viral Load/CD4 Counts). Thus, the slaughter house of history was prepared among the petit-bourgeois bureaucrats in the office and the scientists in the lab. 'HIV Junta Bureaucracy' helps render genocide legitimate and unreal; it further diffuses the impact of mass-murder that, to begin with, are difficult to believe.The HIV Junta's mass-murder is everywhere but at the same time (through the efforts of bureaucracy) no where. Bureaucratic practice contributes to the later cover-up of genocide by serving to hide individual perpetrators. Thus: 'HIV Doctors & Counsellors' will always already be able to legitimate their genocide through the name of the Law (the Primordial Father Figure 'HIV'); at the same time, being protected by the law. 'HIV Bureaucracy' enables them to carry on with their virtuous violence. Robert Jay Lifton states: "The genocidal bureaucracy contributes also to collective feelings of inevitability. The elaborateness of the bureaucracy's organization conveys a sense of the inexorable - that one might as well (as a perpetrator or victim) go along because nothing can be done.The bureaucracy's structure and function - the murderous flow of its action - becomes itself the rationale, as clarity of cause and effect gives way to a sense not only of inevitability but of necessity...Under certain circumstances, victims' bureaucracies can be coerced into participating in their own people's victimization". The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide, Robert Jay Lifton, Basic Books, 1986. This genocidal bureaucracy as contributing "to collective feelings of inevitability" can be seen functioning in the death-programing 'inevitability' of mass-gay 'HIV' testing. Many gay men testing 'HIV+' passively accept that they are marked for slaughter and volunteer to enter the gas-chambers. As Prof. Peter Duesberg said: "With AZT, the gays are running into the gas chambers...if only Goebbels had it that easy". Like so many employees of the 'HIV Junta', SS Kommandant Rudolph Höss was a very 'conscientious', good, honest, hard worker: "So I became the Kommandant of the new quarantine camp called Auscwitz..Right from the beginning I was completely absorbed by my new assignment and my orders; in fact, I was obsessed. I lived only for my job was to finish the building and development of the camp...I applied all my knowledge and resolve to my job; in fact I lived for nothing else...I buried myself in my work...I saw only my work, my duty". Death Dealer; The Memoirs of the SS Kommandant at Auschwitz by Rudolph Höss, Part 1, No.17, Kommandant of Auschwitz; 118-124: Prometheus Books,1992.

The central themes of the writer Ernst Jünger are death, total war and the de-personalisation of modern man: themes that mark the ethos of the 'HIV Junta'. In 1932 Jünger published Der Arbeiter which was to be the manifesto of the new aristocracy of work and the new man. Jünger called for the "total mobilization" of forces, which are "the potential of the people and their (meta)physical essence in view of a victory considered, at that time, to be the result of a dynamic superiority..."(J.F.Lyotard). Jünger hoped for an elite of workers and soldiers to usurp power, a league of 'non-political' freebooters, executive members of an order in which Disciplined Violence was called for. Jünger's work not only astonishingly pre-empts the horrors of man-made mass death that constitute the 'AIDS Junta' - but ironically - also offers us a counter-force in the form of "total mobilisation" and "disciplined violence" against the 'AIDS Junta' - as well as - the 'over coming' of 'HIV+' identity with the birth of the 'new man'. Today's ethos of The HIV Blood- Brotherhood becomes a replay of the illusionary community of Frontgeist, the blood fraternities of the trenches. Jünger's texts of the twenties made much of this community. Death is presented in terms of the survivors as the great life-enhancing force. Jünger's ongoing search for meaning in the experience of war and his finding the higher meaning of war in all cultural phenomena are themes found in many 'AIDS War Dissident' polemicists, poets and political texts. Like Frantz Fanon, Jünger attacks pacifism as being untrue to life because it cannot understand the life-enhancing intoxicating power of victory even in death: both see violence as a creative cultural force. By 1957, Frantz Fanon(1925-1961) had developed his concept of revolutionary counter-violence which he termed 'Holy Violence'. Fanon's 'Holy Violence' was a dynamic creative force beyond its common-sense definition of mere brute force or the bullet. The intellectual ground for Fanon's 'Holy Violence' was found in Hegel, Marx and Sartre. Fanon became fascinated by the mysteries of 'Holy Violence' which he saw as a sacred dimension of the Algerian peasant belief-systems. Fanon was defending the use of force in the colonial scenario - where one was constantly opposed by the colonizer - as essential for survival. Likewise, in the 'AIDS WAR' we must defend the use of force against the 'HIV' colononizers: the 'HIV Junta'. Frantz Fanon saw the Algerian people as alienated from their national and cultural identity and the alienation of individuals from themselves as a consequence of French assimilation policies. In 1983, It was the French (Luc Montagnier, Chermann, and Barré--Sinoussi,) that colonized the world with their laboratory construct 'HIV'. Algerians won their anti-colonial war against the French in 1962 by violence. We need to win the anti-colonial 'AIDS WAR' with popular counter-justice and acts of radical violence. Those branded as 'HIV positive' have also been alienated from their identities and murdered in the name of 'HIV Junta Colonizers'. We must destroy and over throw the AIDS Junta Colonialism. Hegel, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Celine and Virilio have also given us useful ideas and images for grasping the death event in the context of today's Man-Made Mass Death as it is manufactured by the 'HIV Junta'. Individual conformity to the will of the totalitarian 'HIV/AIDS' States continues to generate fresh episodes of annihilation. Contemporary existence is characterised by episodes Man-Made Mass Death which, taken together, constitute a death event of unprecedented character and scope whose impact on the formation of the self requires a new interpretation of selfhood. Edith Wyschogrod wrote: "The death event includes a variety of phenomena, of which the death-world is an important part. Its horrors remain visible because the victims of the death-world are not all destroyed outright. But to understand the magnitude of the death event we must also explore those aspects of it which the victims are eliminated altogether: war, extermination camps, mass shootings, famine and so on. ...Death in these cases is not a phantasm borne by the given within an enclosed system of signifiers. Instead, vast numbers of persons are simply marked for annihilation as part of an impersonal process of destruction...To be sure, in the death-world, every individual destined for extermination is to be eliminated. The obsession with numerability - head counts, census taking, and the like - pervades the literature of authorities and victims alike".'Spirit in Ashes: Hegel, Heidegger, and Man-Made Mass Death', Edith Wyschogrod, Yale, 1985.

Just like the obsession with the death-programming ethos of 'HIV Testing'. Vast numbers of persons are simply marked for annihilation as part of an impersonal process of testing 'HIV+'. The 'HIV Testing' ritual is a Death-Curse. Curses, like Promises, are speech acts, in that they embody the action they describe: the menu printed on the bread to be devoured. Like promises, curses cannot be revoked. You cannot take back "I wish you dead". A curse is complete because it embodies what it represents; it fuses utterance and action. Any groups or individuals promoting 'HIV Testing' are inciting psychological violence followed by Direst Medical Killing: they should therefore be confronted and sorted. While many reject the branded 'HIV+' Identity, thousands 'freely' accept their 'HIV+' and the resulting direct medical killing. No one is 'HIV+'. The Auschwitz death camp selection process has been modified by the 'HIV' testing ritual selections process: links, rechts, links, rechts, links, rechts now becomes: poz,neg, poz,neg, poz,neg. The Health Education Authority/THT/CHAPS 'Time to Test?' (at a total cost of £260,000) - and the Crusaid's 'Try This HIV Test' campaigns constitute State sanctioned violence: euthanasia/suicide/psychological death sentencing and direct medical killing (iatrogenic death). Anyone promoting 'HIV Testing' must be publicly executed. According to Positive Nation, Issue No.29, April, 1998: "Further inquiries by this magazine have established that two grants were given by Glaxo Wellcome to fund this (Crusaid 'Try this HIV Test') campaign. The first was £1,000 to Axiom to pay for an advertisement in their December issue. The second was £20,000 to Crusaid for several projects including the 'Try this HIV test' campaign. The advertisement directly funded by Glaxo Wellcome refers no less than eight times to treatment as a reason for being tested..." Crusaid are taking Glaxo-Wellcome blood-money to get gay men 'tested' then poisoned to death by Glaxo's pernicious pill products. Why are we allowing these State/Glaxo funded death-dealing 'HIV Testing' campaigns? HIV Testing' is Death Dealing. James Deutsche of Crusaid is a Death Dealer by promoting 'HIV' testing: he is murdering vulnerable gay men.
One is reminded of the death dealing Pogroms in Kaunas, Lithuania, where men were 'selected' and beaten to death (watched by army staff, women, children and tourists who took photo-snaps of the proceedings). Such 'entertainment' became known as 'Execution Tourism'. A photographer reported: "I was confronted by the following scene: in the left corner of the yard there was a group of men..there must have been 40 or 50 of them. They were herded together and kept under guard by some civilians. The civilians were armed with rifles and wore armbands...A young man - he must have been a Lithuanian...with rolled-up sleeves was armed with an iron crowbar. He dragged out one man at a time from the group and struck him with the crowbar with one or more blows to the back of his head. Within three -quarters of an hour he had beaten to death the entire group of forty-five to fifty people in this way..After the entire group had been beaten to death, the young man put the crowbar to one side, fetched an accordion and went and stood on the mountain of corpses and played the Lithuanian national anthem...After each man had been killed women and children began to clap and when the national anthem started up they joined in singing and clapping...I took a series of photographs of the victims..." : 'Those were the Days: The Holocaust through the Eyes of the Perpetrators and Bystanders', Klee, Dressen & Riess, Hamish Hamilton, 1988.

With the 'HIV Testing' selection process the violence and death are slower, more insipid, more indirect, less 'graphic'. But this image helps to punctuate this 'hidden' violence of the 'HIV' Testing selections process. On the other hand, this Pogrom at Kaunas also constitutes a Foucauldian popular counter-justice which could be the kind of radical violence acted-out by the thousands who have been stigmatised, death-programmed, poisoned by the 'HIV Junta'. This form of radical-violence will come about as a result of the 'HIV Inc' refusal to admit their collaboration in mass-murder. The 'HIV/AIDS Inc.' Clinics and Hospitals are composed of a combination of bureaucracy, violence and death: This Death-Programming is being carried out right at killing centres such as the UCL's Mortimer Market Centre, King's Health Care (King's College, London) and other University 'Health' Centres. The Mortimer Market Centre promote 100% the HIV Inc. propaganda on their clients. AIDS-dissident Dr Heinrich Kremer observed: "Intriguingly, more than 60% of all "AIDS-cases' in a population of 80 million in Germany occur in the immediate vicinity of six large university clinics in six towns which rather supports the view that AIDS should be called an 'Acquired Iatrogenic Death Syndrome'...." 'Acquired Iatrogenic Death Syndrome', by Dr. med. Heinrich Kremer, Continuum, Vol.4, No 4,1996.

It can be argued that the vast majority of gay 'AIDS' cases are actually manufactured by 'AIDS Doctors' and 'AIDS Counsellors' (who are the two main 'high-risk' groups that cause 'AIDS' in gay men: 'AIDS Doctors' cause Iatrogenic-'AIDS', 'AIDS Counsellors' cause psychogenic-'AIDS'): they must deprogrammed from their proto-Nazi doctors' ethos of the healing-killing paradox. Auschwitz's Death Ramp Selection process has its rebirth in the ritual-selection process of 'HIV' testing. Robert Jay Lifton states: "For the Nazi doctor, the selection process had the ritual function of carefully staged death immersions culminating in honourable survival and earned rebirth. In Auschwitz the psychological survival of the ordeal of the anus mundi of selections enabled him to experience that earned rebirth via the formation of the Auschwitz self. He had solidified his relationship to his Auschwitz group by means of what was called 'blood cement' (Blutkitt), meaning direct participation in the group's practice of killing...In that way the Auschwitz self was 'baptized' by passing the test for 'hardness'...Selections also provide a ritual drama. Whether the Auschwitz self entered into that drama with integrated élan (as in the case of Mengele) or with hesitation and conflict (as in the case of many others), participation in that 'cultural performance' tended to absorb anxieties and doubts and fuse individual actions with prevailing (Nazi) concepts, as does ritual performance in general. Here Auschwitz epitomized the overall Nazi preoccupation with ritual, much of it having to do with healing and killing...The healing-killing paradox so dominated Auschwitz as to create a world of selections. The Auschwitz self functioned with the understanding that, when selections were determined in one place (the medical blocks) , they were radically expanded in another (at the ramp)..." 'The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide', Robert Jay Lifton, Basic Books, 1986. The heading of the chapter: 'Selections in the Camp' quotes from an Auschwitz survivor: "A doctor was not a doctor. A doctor was the selection. That was what a doctor was - the selection". An 'AIDS Doctor' is not a Doctor. An 'AIDS Doctor was the 'HIV' Test. That was what an 'AIDS Doctor' was - the 'HIV' Test. The 'AIDS' Doctor (and Counsellor) select those tested 'HIV+' from the testing-ramp and death-programme them. Nazification of the medical profession was achieved by a combination of ideological enthusiasm and systematic terror: exactly analogous to the totalitarian 'HIV' death-programming ethos. Nazi Doctors and AIDS Doctors operate through Genocidal Bureaucracy. With bureaucracy a distancing, numbing, and diminishing of the intellect takes hold allowing the mass murder to go on in a mechanical, banal, repetitive and normalised process: all deaths are always-already attributed to non-existent 'HIV'. So this laboratroy construct 'HIV' is used as a psychological safety-valve to block (and blame) this mass-murder upon. On the contrary, 'AIDS Doctors' and 'AIDS Counsellors' will feel that they were 'only obeying orders': to eradicate (the non-existent) 'HIV' even if it means killing the patient. As Dr Eduard Wriths (who lived out the Auschwitz healing-killing conflict and paradox) stated: "I can say that I have always done my duty and have never done anything contrary to what was expected of me": ('The Nazi Doctors', Lifton, Basic Books, 1986). This 'excuse' by Dr Wriths will be the one used by our 'AIDS Doctors' (Conant, Hernandez, Gazzard, Williams,Pinching, Gibb, Youle et al) when accused of 'AIDS WAR CRIMES': They will state that they based their 'knowledge' upon established science. Yet it has been known for 15 years that 'HIV' does not exist.

Louis-Ferdinand Celine's writing evokes the violence of 'HIV Junta': nearly all his narratives 'converge on a scene of massacres or death'; Celine's corpse of writing is abject, 'AIDSy', apocalyptic; the apocalyptic 'evil' that constitutes the legitimated violence perpetrated by the 'AIDS Junta'. The sub-(a)bject matter in Celine's writing has 'AIDS', is 'AIDSy': his subject matter is apocalyptic: marked by violence, catastrophe, and death; just like the corpse of writing in 'HIV Inc's Death-inducing propaganda which is marked by violence, catastrophe and death. Celine wrote: "He sticks his finger into the wound...He plunges both hands into the meat...he digs into all the holes...He tears away the soft edges...He pokes around...He gets stuck...His wrist is caught in the bones...Crack!...He tugs...He struggles like in a trap...Some kind of pouch bursts...The juice pours gushes all over the place...all full of brains and blood...splashing..." Louis-Ferdinand Celine, 'Death on the Instalment Plan'.
This writing smells of the 'AIDS Doctor' or the 'HIV Counsellor' at work with their blood-lust to penetrate, divulge, subsume, consume, exhume the policed-pathologised-branded 'positive'-corpse. Why should the 'AIDS Junta' have this Holy Licence to go around terrorising people with their violent and murderous 'HIV Belief'? German AIDS Dissident, Karl Krafeld used the German constitution's 'Right to resist' clause permitting direct violence against state officials who abuse human rights or threaten the lives of citizens including himself were legally empowered to take any necessary steps to prevent further abuses. Krafeld sent the president of the German parliament, Reta Suessmuth, a death threat. Krafeld was cross-examined by a state lawyer over a letter to Suessmuth that the parliament, in rejecting a technically valid Petition, is now on record as having lied over documents discrediting the HIV/AIDS hypothesis, a betrayal which, he wrote, some people might violently object to. The state lawyer found Krafeld acted legally and had no case to answer ('Legal death threat will force hand of Germans', Continuum, Vol.4, No4).

Dr Heinrich Kremer is correct to observe that these 'HIV Junta Killing-Fields' ('HIV'/GUM/STD Health Clinics are largely responsible for the vast majority of 'AIDS' death in London, San Francisco, New York, Paris et al. This is 'HIV State Violence', this is 'HIV State Terrorism'. The 'HIV Junta' doctors and counsellors cause 'AIDS': this is an historical reality, a brute fact: it is 'they' that are the pathology, the problem, the death-programmers. Yet they are so virtuous and righteous that they mistake the blood on their hands for a fistful full of Red Ribbons.

Rudolph Höss wrote of his experiences at Auschwitz on the normalisation of mass murder: "I viewed the killings wearing a gas mask for protection. Death occurred in the crammed full cells immediately after the gas was thrown in. Only a brief choking outcry and it was all over. The first gassing of people did not really sink into my mind. Perhaps I was much too impressed by the whole procedure. I remember well and was much impressed by the gassing of nine hundred Russian soldiers which occurred soon afterwards in the old crematory because the use of Block 11 caused too many problems....At the time I really didn't waste any thoughts about the killing of the Russian POWs. It was ordered; I had to carry it out. But I must admit openly that the gassings had a calming effect on me, since in the near future the mass annihilation of the Jews was to begin. Up to this point it was not clear to me, nor to Eichmann, how the killing of the expected masses was to be done...I had to continue to carry out the process of destruction. I has to experience the mass murder and to coldly watch it without any regard for the doubts which uprooted my deepest inner feelings. I had to watch it with cold indifference....And yet, I really had no reason to complain about being bored at Auschwitz." Death Dealer: The Memoirs of the SS Kommandant at Auschwitz by Rudolph Höss, Prometheus Books, 1992. Is this really any different to the 'Final Solution' of mass-extermination of gay men through 'HIV Testing? 'HIV Testing' is the Final Solution in that it is the death-programming initiation rite: to brand someone 'HIV+' is to tell them that they are dead. Dr Heinrich Kremer stated: "It might be appropriate to mention that the German medical profession is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Nuremberg Doctors' Trials, during which doctors stood accused of crimes committed under the Nazis. Amongst other things one can see in transcripts that experiments were performed on concentration camp inmates including homosexuals using sulphonamides to treat infectious diseases that had been induced specially for this purpose. Sulphonamides were used knowingly to cause death in innocent victims. Nowadays the chemical cudgel of sulphonamide + trimethoprim (=co-trimoxazole)+ AZT, etc, etc., is hurled about...The lethal effects of AZT on mitochondria has now been amply proved; an analogous effect of long-term use of co-trimoxazole is equally plausible...Does it not occur to anyone, bearing the Nuremberg Trials in mind, that it is high time to discuss the ethical consequences of the 'virtual medicine' currently practised, which under the pretence of an imagined global epidemic, force-feeds highly toxic drug cocktails to terrorised patients,, on the basis of a laboratory artefact..." 'Acquired Iatrogenic Death Syndrome', by Dr. med. Heinrich Kremer, Continuum, Vol.4, No 4,1996.

The UK's National AIDS Trust is to receive £1 million from the Princess Diana Memorial Fund and will use this royal-blood-money to develop projects including Hearts and Minds to involve British youth in fostering 'HIV education' ('HIV' indoctrination). It has recently been acknowledged (BBC News, 24 March, 1998) that some 8,000,000 annually are dying of TB. More people will die of Malaria and TB this year than all the other diseases - including 'AIDS' - put together. Why does NAT use its money to help fight TB which is infinitely bigger threat than 'AIDS'? Instead, NAT want to terrorise youth with a mythical 'AIDS pandemic' for which they are not at risk.. With this £1,000,000, NAT should be educating youth about the non-existence of 'HIV'. Meldrum's ignorant promotion of 'HIV' vaccines displays his intellectual vacuity. Death Camp has just received a copy of the financial status of the Gay Men's Health Crisis of West 20th Street, New York. For the last fiscal year available - ending June 30, 1996 the GMHC had received $ 28.3 million dollars in contributions, including $ 5.2 million in government grants. GMHC spent $ 5.1 million in 'fund-raising expenses'. They have a full time public relations and media research staff. If they hand out a leaflet they call it 'patient counselling' on reports. Case after case of clients asking for the help promised in the leaflets and posters are turned away and phone calls are not answered whilst within the organization they live like royalty. GMHC owns two office buildings and occupies three others as well; they have a staff of hundreds. An 'insider' reported that the GMHC directors are very nervous and worried about the CDC reporting large decreases in AIDS deaths. They are lamenting the news because their funding is based upon AIDS deaths. Can you imagine what could be done with $ 28.3 million dollars? A global mass-media campaign informing people on the non-existence of 'HIV' and the true causes of 'AIDS'. With $ 28.3 million we could 'inform' people on the 'AIDS'/Stressors thesis. This is what Gay Men's Health Crisis, Project Inform, National AIDS Trust, Terrence Higgins Trust should be doing.

The reactionary peace-wrecker Dr Ian Paisley, the dead drum-beating Orange Order and the old-bigoted fascist Ulster Unionists are directly analogous to the reactionary 'HIV Junta' with their bigotry and monolithic dogmatism: like rabid-biting Rottweillers, none of them will let go of their stagnant credo-corpse. Recently Sinn Fein's president, Jerry Adams stated at Stormont: "Unionism cannot dictate the pace of these talks because the pace of unionism is a snail's pace": The Irish News, April 9, 1998. Like the snail's pace of the 'HIV Junta': it has ground to a halt. James Kelly analysis of the Ulster Unionists reminds one of the 'HIV Junta': " What's going on up there at Stormont?..The not-an-inch, no-surrender Unionists feel at home here but everyone else feels on alien territory... The truth is that unionism has never willingly conceded anything of importance. It's founding motive is after all 'not an inch' and saying 'no' is, according to David Trimble, what unionism is best at...This week, the Stormont wrangling reminds one of the Titanic sailing from calm waters into the fog, with incompetent look-out officers John Taylor and David Trimble gazing blindly through the wrong end of their telescopes at the looming ice-bergs ahead." 'Who could have luck in a Stormont poker game?', James Kelly, The Irish News, 4, April, 1998. The same can be said of the not-an-inch, no-surrender 'HIVJunta' who blindly sail on pushing the Titanic 'HIV' Fraud still believing that they are afloat and sailing full-steam ahead - when in fact they are sinking into oblivion.

A plan by the Thailand Government to build a colony (death camp) for up to 10,000 people with 'AIDS' in that country has been condemned by 'AIDS' activists and health-care professionals in the south-east Asian kingdom. The Thai Agricultural and Co-operative Ministry is to develop the project in Nongmuang Village in Lopburi - about 90 miles from Bamkok.The aim is to build 2,540 'houses', a temple, and a 500-bed hospital at a cost of £21 million. The proposals have caused a storm of protest in the country: 'Setting up a separate colony would make it all the more difficult for society to understand AIDS sufferers...To set up a separate community is contradictory to the government's policy of enabling them to live with the general public in society', said Jon Ungphakorn, of the Thai AIDS group, Access". - 'Thai government plan to create AIDS camps', The Pink Paper, 13.3.98. Once the incarcerated 'inmates' of this 'colony' (Death Camp) realise that 'HIV' and 'AIDS' are socio-economic-political constructs they will no doubt over-throw the 'AIDS Junta' of the 'HIV Junta Killing Fields'. Those held in this Thai AIDS Death Camp need to act-out counter-justice as well as a radical-violence against the Thailand Government officials that have sanctioned the 'HIV Junta Killing Fields'. The 'HIV Inc. Killing Fields' are in full-slaughter in San Francisco where Dr Sandra 'Mengele' Hernandez is not only advocating "Direct Observed Therapy" (Direct Medical Killing) for individuals taking protease inhibitors but also identification of every HIV-positive individual and mandatory reporting of cases to facilitate the implementation of Direct Observed Therapy (DOT). Insane and murderous, Hernandez goes as far as to suggest that protease inhibitors should be used as "morning after" pills! Hernandez also made the point that once a person begins taking these drug cocktails, he or she can be considered to be a public health threat if therapy is discontinued. Neenyah Ostrom reported: "ACT UP/San Francisco attended the Health Commission meeting and, when it was underway, stood in unison, blew whistles, scattered fake death certificates accusing Hernandez of mass murder, chanted 'DOT's A Bitter Pill To Force-Feed Toxic Drugs That Kill'...Other ACT UP/SF supporters climbed on the Health Commission panel's conference table and unfurled a banner decorated with a skull and crossbones and the words 'Poisons Don't Prevent AIDS' what lengths will public health officials go to force patients to take these toxic chemicals? Will 'Direct Observed Therapy' become the norm for 'AIDS' patients...And will that result in 'AIDS' patients being jailed, like TB patients, if they refuse to take their medication?" 'Dr Sandra Mengele: Will San Francisco turn into Auschwitz II?', Neenyah Ostrom, New York Native, 9 September, 1996.

San Francisco Act Up, The AIDS Liberation Front, and Gays Against Genocide (GAG) have been forced into using radical-violence and counter-justice because the HIV Junta has consistently refused to engage in rational debate. The HIV Junta incite violence through their censorship and silencing (and silence equals death) GAG flyposted hundreds of posters at gay bars and on billboards "which advertised death threats against people who, in their eyes, were killing gay men by promoting AZT. Duncan Campbell makes much of this and also sinisterly mentions a model guillotine they sent through the post...Campbell still seems to stick to the view that HIV is the sole and sufficient cause of AIDS - whatever HIV-discoverer Montagnier and others may say: 'I absolutely believe that HIV causes AIDS', he told us": Heretical Science: Alternative Medicine, AIDS and Duncan Campbell, Open Eye, Issue 3, 1995. The large black and white GAG posters, titled 'GAY MEN KILLING GAY MEN', featured Duncan Campbell, Edward King and Simon Watney as promoters of the gay genocide. If Campbell is such a thorough investigative journalist why does he absurdly and naively still believe in the 'HIV' fraud? Why does not Campbell 'investigate' the non-isolation, non-existence of 'HIV? He could bring down the 'HIV Junta'. Foucault's thesis about the ever expanding networks of policing and disciplining powers finds its ultimate expression in the socio- medical discourse of 'HIV' testing. Gay men are being targeted and terrorised into the 'HIV' testing-policing process. The ritual of 'HIV' testing constitutes a new subject-formation: a pseudo-dis-ease(d) 'HIV' subject that monitors, regulates, polices, poisons, kills its-self through auto-management, auto-interpellation, auto-surveillance and suicide(psychoiatrogenoicde). The 'HIV' Counsellor makes sure the programming is finally tuned and calibrated: that the 'belief' in 'HIV' is unquestioned, 'total', hermetically-sealed. Should the branded 'HIV+' person question 'HIV' they are seen as 'in denial' and 'treated' appropriately. Foucault's emphasis on the multiplicity of micro-relations can be seen at work in networks operating through the body of 'HIV Inc.': testing, education, information, drug trials, counsellors, doctors, social workers, buddies. Michel Foucault sees the medical definition of homosexuality as a strategy for resisting the very definition of the pathologising of the subject: " I think that resistance is a part of this strategic relationship of which power consists. Resistance really always relies upon the situation against which it struggles. For instance, in the gay movement the medical definition of homosexuality in the last part of the 19th century and in the early 20th century. This medicalization, which was a means of oppression, has always been a means of resistance as well - since people could say, 'If we are sick, then why do you condemn us, why do you despise us?' and so on. Of course, this discourse now sounds rather naive to us, but at the same time very important." Foucault Live: Collected Interviews, 1961-1984, Semiotext(e), 1996. Likewise, gay men must refuse and resist being branded 'HIV+'. However, many gay men embrace the slave-morality of blood-brotherhood 'HIV Identity'. Jünger's "community of blood" and "front experience" of combat in the First World War become replayed in the AIDS War where gay men go willingly to their slaughter. After being 'selected' (tested) they becoming intoxicated with a will to death. If you tell them that 'HIV' does not exist they will respond with disdain, contempt, anger and abject horror. By saying 'HIV' does not exist one is implying that they do not exist. Desiring to be part of the 'HIV Primal Horde' and being baptised 'HIV+' is the sign of an 'Authoritarian Personality'. Accepting one's 'HIV+' Slave-Status is an intense sign of psychotic regression. We need to uncover the extraordinary malice which lies behind 'HIV Belief: the malice that at every point they wish to promote those 'tested' people or those 'HIV Inc.' forces which are reactive, which will bind more and more people into the systems of obedience and passivity. Nietzsche rejected Christian morality on the grounds it was for slaves: 'HIV Identity' is for slaves. We must reject this 'HIV Slave-Morality by over-coming it through counter-justice, radical-violence, mass-resistance and total-mobilisation. The 'HIV Slave-Morality must Decline and come to nothing for it is anti-life; it must eventually negate and destroy itself because its secret impulse is Will to Death, Will to Nothingness. Frantz Fanon was rightly permitting oppressed colonial people to perform outlawed and criminal acts against the colonizing "lord", because in his morality of oppression, these acts were "good". Fanon (Holy Violence) and Jünger (Disciplined Violence) demonstrated that in a war-time situation society was in a violent process of change which in turn called for a revaluation of normative values and with this, new forms of counter-violence (to over throw the rotting corpse of the reactionary old order).
Frantz Fanon offers us direction in overcoming the slave-morality death-world of the 'HIV Junta': "Let us go forward brothers...we must leave our dreams and abandon our old beliefs....The dark night in which we have been plunged is behind us...We have work to do" Moreover, Fanon continues:

" would be better to decide now to change our ways....Today we are witnessing the statis of Europe. Let us flee, Comrades, from this motionless movement....We must start anew, develop new concepts, and try to create a new man. Why? Because we no longer have anything to fear". (italics in original) We have nothing to fear: The 'HIV Junta' have murdered hundreds of thousands of our brothers. We have to fight the 'HIV Junta' on behalf of the dead, the living-dead and the living. We must start anew by Negating 'HIV+' Identity. People must destroy their 'HIV+' Identity papers, destroy 'HIV Testing' Kits; put the 'HIV Junta' Scientists, Doctors, Counsellors out of business.

Dr Stefan Lanka says Think Big, Act Quick: "You, the ones unfortunate enough to be antibody diagnosed are the ones who have shouldered the burden of the present AIDS disaster. Please unite your forces. ...The future is now in your (heads and) hands Ask about the virus - to see micrographs of isolated HIVs, direct proof of its proteins and its RNA or DNA, whether retroviruses exist at all?..Beseige the government. Petition your parliament over the issue of whether HIV exists at all, as has been done in Germany...Think big and (please) act quickly". Dr Stefan Lanka, 'Think Big, Act Quickly', Continuum, Vol.3, No.6, 1996.

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