Welcome from Arnprior Council 2082
•285 Albert St. P.O.Box 426  • Arnprior, Ontario, Canada, K7S-3L9  • 613-623-2519

Charity - Unity - Fraternity - Patriotism


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Check out the winners of our 2018/2019 Ontario Knights of Columbus Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest

Check out the winners of our 2019/2020 Ontario Knights of Columbus Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest

Council Activities

The Arnprior Council 2082 is located next to Saint John Chrysostom Church in Arnprior on Albert Street. Click here for map.

Our council hosts a large number of activities throughout the fiscal year.

Weekly activities include Bingo on Thursday Evenings beginning at 6:50 PM at the Saint John Chrysostom Parish Hall, please note it is a smoke free environment.

Annual activities include: Ladies Night Dinner and Dance in February, New Years' Eve Party, Council Christmas Party, Grand Knight's Social Dinner, Parish Breakfast, Gulf Tournament, Council Family Barbecue and Council Night at the Races.

Other activities include Church Activities, Youth Activities such as the annual Basketball Free Throw, the annual Substance Abuse Poster Contest, Family Activities, Community Services and Parish/Council Activities.

shield The current Grand Knight is Bro. Bob Lee.
You can contact the Knights by phone at 613-623-2519 or by email to Attention: WebMaster.

Council Meetings
Every First Monday of the Month for Third Degree Business Meetings.
Every Last Monday of the Month for Third Degree Executive Meetings.
Fourth Degree Assembly #1597 Meetings are held every THIRD Tuesday of the Month.
Locations for the Fourth Degree meetings rotate between Arnprior and Renfrew.

About Our Council

Arnprior Council 2082 was instituted in 1920. The Arnprior Council works closely with our Saint John Chrysosyom Parish, also in Arnprior, providing funds for various projects. Members are active participants in their parish and their community doing what comes naturally, helping out.