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Our Lady Brighid


Brighid ~ Daughter of The Dagda, patroness of Druids and Bards, Goddess of healing, smithcraft,
music, and poetry. She is the patroness of all artists, craftsmen, and stock animals. Her symbol is the
pure white bull. The horns are said to represent the physical portal of the human female thru which
child-birth takes place, as well as a portal of spiritual rebirth. It is believed by some that Brighid used
to be known as The Great Goddess, female creator, and All-Mother. She is known today in many
froms, such as Saint Brighid, or Saint Bride of Kildare. Kildare in Gaelic "Cill Dara" meaning Church
of the Oak. Saint Bride according to legend (patroness of child-birth) was said to have been the
midwife to the Virgin Mary. Fire is sacred to this Goddess, and to this day in Kildare perpetual
flames are tended in her honor. Like the flame that is sacred to her, she is the spark of knowledge in
smithwork and metalworking. From her flame of inspiration came legends, poetry, and music to the

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