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Praise God for our new van!


Another Toyota Hi-Ace, 2012 model, was purchased on 7 April and was dedicated to the Lord on 13 April during the Worship Service.

This van is the 7th brand-new 16-seater van in addition to the Toyota Hi-Lux and the pastoral car, Toyota  Innova, belonging to our fleet for the service (hatid-sundo) of the brethren.



Anniversary Message



Candle Lighting by The Area Pastors during the Anniversay

BCF Celebrate 27th Anniversary

A low-key yet highly noted celebration of BCF’s 27th founding anniversary was held on 20-22 April 2012. The theme for the anniversary was “Our Ever Faithful God”.

During the Friday worship service, God’s faithfulness was declared through the inspiring and challenging message of the guest speaker, Pastor Jim Harrison of NEC’s English Language congregation (ELC/NEC).  He also delivered the same topic on the Sunday service.


Pastor Jim spoke about the “covenant-cutting and covenant-keeping God of Israel” – the same God who works in us in our corporate worship and individual lives, raising our assurance that He would not waver on His promises of faithfulness.  Pastor Jim challenged BCF to walk and live a life of witness, and to stick to the commitment of serving a living God.

Before the message, a worshipful singing of praise and worship songs was led by Sis Alona Jimenez and Bro Ferdz Pacudan.  Pastor Alan and Sis Malou Clavecilla also rendered an awe-inspiring song “More than Wonderful”.  It was followed by a body worship, a dance interpretation of the song “Only Hope” by the Creative Arts and Youth Ministry. 


A soothing blend of female voices was delivered by Sisters Amy Bentulan, Maan Magararu, Chona Cabreros and Lora Mae Clavecilla on their offertory rendition of a home-produced composition “Sambahin Ka Hesus”. Then a skit lifted from the Bible about Elijah and his encounter with false prophets on Mount Carmel was presented by Area 7 members.


A symbolic candle lighting ceremony was held afterwards where all the Associate Pastors joined our Senior Pastor Freddie to declare their vision for BCF for the coming years. A similar ceremony was held during the Sunday worship service, but this time, the elders, deacons, deaconesses and life group leaders who attended the said service were called in front as Pastor Freddie declared his vision for BCF.


A graffiti wall was posted outside the sanctuary.  It was a joy to see that the paper wall was filled with congratulatory greetings and blessings by the brethren.  A sumptuous lunch composed of kare-kare, chicken barbeque, bistek and fish fillet was celebrated around the table. 


Another year, another manifestation of God’s faithfulness in the life of BCF. We cannot discount nor discredit, not even equal His goodness and loving-kindness on His body, the BCF.  Let’s continue to serve the Head of this Church, our Master, our only Savior, the only reason why we are what we are these 27 years, the Lord Jesus Christ!