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[Holiday Recipes]
page by Donna McDonald

Helpful Cooking tips

Herbs Conversion
There's nothing like homegrown, fresh herbs. The basic conversion formula is 3 times the amount of fresh herbs equals 1 time dried. Or, for example, one tablespoon dried thyme equals 3 tablespoons fresh, chopped.
The birds and the breads
Instead of trussing a turkey or chicken to keep in the stuffing, cover the stuffing with a heel from a loaf of bread. This seals in the stuffing and keeps the juices from dripping out.
Ay Carumba! No more chile pepper burns!
When handling hot chile peppers (jalapenos, habaneros, Scotch bonnets, etc.) put your hands inside plastic produce bags from the supermarket, or plastic sandwich bags, to prevent the oils from burning your skin.
Parsley vous freshe'?
First, loosen the rubber band or tie around the bunch of parsley. Next, remove any crushed, soggy or otherwise icky pieces out of the bunch. Place the bunch in a tall mug or vase filled with water and cover loosely with a plastic bag. This will keep in the refrigerator for a few weeks.
Support a cause! Save the lemon peels!
After extracting juice from a lemon, place the remaining peel into the freezer. The zest grates easily when frozen. Also, the whole peel is good to add to your court bouillon when boiling shrimp or other shellfish.
De-Seed De-Bell Pepper
To quickly remove the stem and bulb of seeds from a bell pepper, slice the pepper from the tip toward the stem, stopping just short of the stem. Pull the two pices of pepper apart. They'll break off from the stem, leaving most of the seeds and stem behind.
Olives are the pits
To quickly pit olives, strike them firmly with the flat side of a meat tenderizer or broad knife. The olive will split, and the pit can then be easily removed.
There's something fishy about this ice
Instead of keeping fish and shellfish on ice in the refrigerator -- which usually melts into a watery mess, use packets of "blue ice" (the kind used in coolers). Keep some in the freezer so you're always prepared.
The Incredibly Versatile Lemon revisited
To make lemon wedges that won't squirt in your eye when you squeeze them, make three or four small, vertical slits across the lemon wedge's edge. These cuts prevent the juice from squirting out forcefully.
What color is YOUR fruit?
To keep cut fruits such as apples, bananas, pears from turning brown (from oxidation), dip them in lemon-lime soda. This will slow down the oxidation process and will not affect the flavor.
Let a Wooden Spoon be your Guide
To take the guesswork out of a recipe direction that states "reduce the liquid by one-half", stick the handle of wooden spoon into the pan and mark the starting depth of the liquid on the handle. As the liquid boils down, check the progress by putting the handle into the pan. Continue boiling until the level registers at halfway the original mark.
Reduction and the Wooden Spoon Revisited
If your recipe indicates that you should reduce your liquid to a specific amount, say two cups, measure two cups of water in the pan you'll be using and mark that depth on the handle of a wooden spoon. Then, use that same pan to reduce your liquid. Reduce until it reaches the mark on your wooden spoon.
There, there...Don't Cry!
To prevent the river of tears that accompanies cutting onions, peel the onion under cold, running water. Or, rinse the already peeled onion in cold water. If it's too late, and the tears are streaming down your face, run cold water over the inside of your wrists. This will deaden the pain receptors in your eyes. If you want to know why, ask an acupuncturist.
Fridgy Freshness
When covering a container of food to store in the fridge, press plastic wrap directly onto the surface of the food itself, pushing out as much air as possible. Then, put on any additional cover. This will keep the food fresher longer.
What color is YOUR chocolate cake?
Instead of using flour, when greasing a flouring a pan for chocolate cake, use cocoa. This will prevent specks of white on your dark cake. You say tomato, I say stuff it!
When baking stuffed tomatoes, place the tomatoes in a muffin tin to hold them upright during baking.
Can't Cut a Cantaloupe? Can!
The easiest way to de-skin a melon such as cantaloupe, honeydew, or muskmelon, first cut off the ends of the melon. Then, place one cut end on the cutting board and hold the top with one hand. With a sharp knife, slice the skin, in sections, from top to bottom. Turn the melon as you go. Once the melon is skinned, cut it in half and remove the seeds with an ice cream scoop.
Cutting Boards and Bowls on the Move
Does your cutting board slide all over the place? Do you need a third hand to hold the bowl when whisking oil into a vinaigrette? Damp towel to the rescue! Simply place a damp towel under cutting board. Wrap a damp towel around the bottom of the bowl to hold it in place.
Coming Through Loud, Clear and Straight!
Before piping a message onto an iced cake, gently lay a length of thread over the icing to make a guideline. Write the message above the line, then pull away the thread.
Streaking Went out with Disco
To make an egg wash that is smooth, evenly textured and brushes on easily, add a pinch of salt to one whole egg beaten with one tablespoon of water. The salt breaks down the protein in the egg white so the wash is fluid, eliminating streaks.
Undressing a Bombe-shell
To prevent the mess that can occur by dipping a bombe, or other chilled food, in hot water before unmolding, first, run a knife around the edge of the cold mold. Then, invert the mold and center it on a serving platter. With a hair dryer set on high, blow hot air at all the surfaces of the mold, making several passes about 6-8 inches above mold. Lift the mold off.
Cake revisited
To keep a partially cut cake from drying out, cover the cut sides with heels from a loaf of bread.

gs dulcinea
Prevent onion tears
When you're chopping onions if you'll burn a candle somewhat nearby it will prevent tears.

Parents with young children
Go out for a meal every month or two so you can practice eating without cutting food for someone else. If you feel the need to comment on your partner's table manners you know it has been too long.
Spice help
Write the name of the spice on the lid of the jar - then it is easy to find the right spice when they are all standing up in the drawer.


Drive to the nearest MacDonalds, Wendys, Taco Bell, Jack in the Box and order the cheapest sandwich.

Reality Bytes (CSICOP fan)
bibit note : I would be skeptical of this hint *G*
What is beyond rationality is how i have managed 2 survive all this time without cooking anything.

Hotdogs, and ketchup?

Go to restaurant
Order whatever you want
Pay the bill
go home happy!
Go to CHINESE restaurant. order spring roll. eat and enjoy. pay the bill,repeat every 15 minutes, as necessary.

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