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The Cat Consultant

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See Your Vet Immediately if your Pet
exhibits the following:

Runny Eyes, Lethargic, Loss of Appetite, Not Drinking, Sudden Change in Behavior, Struggles to use litterbox, Constant diarrhea, Constant vomiting, Sudden change in litterbox habits, Bleeding, Struggles to breathe

Select the Common questions page to See if the answer to your behavioral or medical problem is there. If not, Post a message to our message board for other feline lovers and professionals to respond to your question.

After exhausting all possible avenues, you may want to call on the
cat consultant for a
personal consultation(this is a fee based service).

Helping Feline Owners Around the World
Australia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Great Britain, India, Israel, Korea,
Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia,
Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States

The Cat consultant has helped pet owners world wide. The Cat consultant is not a Vet. But is an experienced feline care giver who has fostered hundreds of felines personally and consulted on thousands of cases. The cat consultant is the expert you have been looking for for all of your feline related problems.


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