Born 16 JUN 1849 Plympton,Lambton,Ontairo Canada he died 7 JUL 1943 Portage, la Prairie,Manitoba Canada. and was buried 8 JUN 1943 Austin, manitoba Canada

1851 Census; Ont.; Lambton N Co.; Plympton Twp.; Dist. No.4; NAC C- Age 3

1861 Census; Ontario, Lambton, Plympton, dist.No.3,p49;NAC C_.Age 11

1871 Census;Ontaria,Lambton,Plympton,Div.3,p45;NAC C-.Age 22 yr.

1891 Census; MB,Marquette,North Norfolk,Dist. No. 7. Age 42.

Marriage: Ontario Vital Statistics Index; Reg. No.007392;LDS Film 1862896

Witnesses; Wm. Cairns and Isabelle Hoy.

Obituary from McGregor Paper

Source; Notes from Edna Lewis Saunders c 1977 and Audrey Hay, McGregor, Man.

Thomas was a farmer in Plympton Twp. He moved to Manitoba with his wife and 2 small daughters and infant son. Arrived Gladstone, Man., 10 May 1878. A few years later they moved to Austin,Man. according to a note from Nell Perkins about 1877.

He farmed in the Emmeline District for several years but moved into McGregor after the death of his wife in 1897. (Quote from MaryBeth Brown of BC Canada) --- My grandfather Albert Lewis later operated this farm and my mother was born there.

In the 1930's Thomas visited his daughter, Maggie, my grandmother, in Okotoks at which time a photograph was taken of 4 generations. I remember Thomas had lost one eye, as a result of an accident with a tree branch, I was told.
Information from Blake Maxfield, 1992;

T.Cairns,W.Clifford; Sect.23 Twp 11 RGE 11W.P.M. NE 1/4,CPR Grant No.2854.


From Parish records and a letter sent to my Mother (quoted from MaryBeth Brown of BC Canada) in 1970's and from the History written by William Hoy (Uncle to Wm. Hoy Cairns) about 1937. This last reference stated that Betsy Anderson and William Hoy, Barbara Hoy's Father were cousins which led me to Samuel Hoy and then to William Hoy and Rachel Learmont. My mother's notes said "Barbara's father came from Hawick, Scotland, his wife was Margaret Brown and they were buried in Avonton Cemetery."
I located their names in the Ontario Cemetery Index on the Internet and will send for the inscriptions immediately. From marriage certificates of Ontario I confirmed the name Margaret Brown.

Born 6 JUL 1852 Downie, Perth,Ontario,Canada

Died 21 AUG 1897 Austin,Manitoba Canada and was buried AUG 1897 Austin,Manitoba Canada.

Notes by Edna Lewis Saunders c1978

Birth: 1 Aug 1852; Notes from Audrey Hay, McGregor, Man.

1861 Census; ON, Perth, Downie, p 32;NAC C-1064. Age 9.

1871 Census;ON,Perth, Downie,p39/40;NAC C-9939.Age 18.

1881 Census;MB

1891 Census; MB,Marquette,North Norfolk, NAC T-.Age 40 yr.

Marriage: Ontario Vital Statistics; Reg.No.007392; FHL Film 1862896.

Death: from" Descendants of James Cairns and Betsy Anderson."

By Eva Collins, McGregor, MB.

Children of Thomas and Barbara Cairns are: Margaret, Ellen Elizabeth, Alfred James, Effie, William Hoy, Chester Anderson, Edna Jean (Jane),Thomas Russell, Barbara Irene (Annie), Garnet Chester, Lyndsay Wright.

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