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Hooyo Hooyo

Hibo iyo Ducaba Naga Hooyo
Wiil iyo Caano Naga Hooyo

These blessings have been bestowed to the bride and bridegroom since time and memorium. Marriage in our culture has always been a cornerstone of our society. It has signified not only a union of two young people but also of two families and most of the time, two clans. Over the last ten years, due to the instability and crises at home, many Somalis fled and settled in foreign lands. As a result, marriage itself has also been affected as changing roles and expectations enter the picture. This page is dedicated not only to those of you who are married but also those who are not yet but plan to do so. In this forum we will begin to explore the difficulties and challenges facing us. To make this a truly interactive site I would like to get some feedback on the theme of this site. So please do contribute!!

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