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Black Beauty

Black Beauty just like me...
You carry yourself with such divinity
So as not to care that others can see your supreme femininity

With skin so deep brown complexioned
And eyes of a light brown confection
With lips of a strawberry hue
And hair made of curls oscillating in a unique groove

With curves so round and sublime
That a sculptor could never construct in the abyss of time
With a voice so appeasing and crystal clear...
That one could forever wish for that hum in their ear
WIth a knowledge base so profound
That what your mind lurks can nowhere else be found

Black beauty just like me...
Maybe in time the world will learn to embrace your perplexity
But for now you will remain a Somalian deity
Consuming the eyes of those who glance your way with utter passion
You bring to this world a certain enigma
As you display to the world your lesson...
That life can be hard, but you stay strong and keep to your essential duty
Keep family, culture, religion and love
Because you're a magnanimous black beauty just like me.

by Ilhaan Qassim