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Anti-Racist Action, South Bend, IN
Welcome to the

1. We go where they go.

2. We don't rely on the cops or the courts.

3. Non-sectarian defense of other anti-fascists.

4. We intend to win.

"Unfortunately, we live in a world which continues to suffer from discrimination, racial intolerance, and ignorance. Our nation needs to stand up to the hatred, educate the ignorant, and prosecute those who discriminate."
Evan Bayh, United States Senator from Indiana

South Bend ARA no longer exists. The chapter was closed due to lack of cohesive goals among the leadership of the local organization.
You can contact Goshen ARA for information about actions in the north central area of Indiana:
Goshen ARA e-mail

If you wish to gain information about ARA on a national/international level you should try this link.

If you want to learn more about anti-racist and anti-fascist groups in the north-central Indiana area, or anywhere, try our links pages, which we have maintained in order to help you continue the fight against oppression and injustice. We are not giving up or giving in, we are just continuing to fight on a different level that could not be served by ARA South Bend.
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There is no ill will held between the members of the former South Bend chapter and the rest of ARA. In this war, every front is important. Every battle must be fought by the soldiers best suited for it.
Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, our strengths lie in other realms where we maintain a constant vigilance against the evils of racism and fascism.
No oppression is justified. Until EVERYONE is free, we are all prisoners.