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Precious was the only kitty I ever knew that only liked one person, and was never fond of anybody else. That one person was me. Precious was my "guard kitty." As long as he was around, nobody could get near me. Precious and I shared a special kind of bond. I love and have always loved each and every one of my cats, but Precious left a different kind of paw print in my heart.

I had him since he was a kitten. He was Purr's brother. He never got along with her either. He was very isolated and kept himself hidden from the world. I was really the only one Precious would allow to hold him, and stroke him. One day, he disappeared. He really did. I haven't seen him since. I assume he has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I miss him very much. When I got the cat, I didn't ask for this feeling. I wasn't looking for love. But that's what I got. That's what he gave.

Precious's Photo Album


Precious and Casey