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Welcome mortals and immortals to my page!!!!! It is under heavy construction so excuse the mess.

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Hello! I am Greek God Ares My real name is Jayson. I am 21,5'10", blonde hair and blue eyes. I played football until I graduated (1996) from high school. I enjoy drawing, reading,writing poetry and short stories,and anime of course.
two of my fave anime characters Ashram and Pirotess

My Fav Animes

Places I inhabit often

Wbs good chat rooms
Steve and Barb's homepage good page a must see!!
Moonlight Knight's homepage also a good one!!!
hotmail free E-mail

Click here to see my best accomplishment so far in life

Sailor Moon is my Fave anime

Click here for SM pic gallery

Click here to go to Slayers pic gallery

Click here for Lodoss stuff

An AD&D page and links coming soon

Also coming soon A World of Darkness Resource and link page when I get around to it (yes Im lazy)

Special thanks to

Steve and Barb for their donated pics thanks a lot guys!!!!
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