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Tuned Port Injection

I have just finished installing T. P. I. on my 84 Monte Carlo SS. The T.P.I that i used came off an 87 Camaro with a 5.0 engine. It was a very time consuming job. Here are some tips when looking for a TPI set up. Try to get the WHOLE THING !! Try to get all the sensors, dist. injectors, with your set up. If you can, get the wiring harness, ecm, aldl connector, this will save you time and money. If you didn't get the factory wiring harness there are a couple of companies out there that sell a complete harness for this swap. The air cleaner can also be a problem. I used an air box from a 92 Olds Cutlass Supreme, I mounted it on the left side in the rad. support there is a hole in the support that the air box will fit through so it gets cool air and not the hot under hood air. I used a frame mounted external fuel pump for my conversion. An in tank pump could have been used but you will have to change the tank unit, and of course drop the fuel tank to do it. I will get some part numbers and more info. on this project and add them to this page.