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Café 't Gevelke, Pr. Mauritslaan 4,6191EG, Beek, Netherlands

Welcome to the homepage of Café 't Gevelke. An English owned bar in the South of the Netherlands.


Café 't Gevelke, bruin café in Beek, Maastricht Limburg

Inside the bar

The bar offers the atmosphere of a typical bruin café very alike an old village pub in England. We have facilities for 4 dart boards, a pool table, a wurlitzer jukebox, with hits old and new, gaming machines, videogames machine which is now connected to the internet so high scores are compared to the rest of the Netherlands. We have on offer at any one time 11 beers from the barrel, and always present are Guinness ( probably the best in Limburg ), cider, Hoegaarten wit, Leffe Dubbel, and Dommelsch Pils. We have guest beers every month from the tap, currently St. Bernard, and Corsendonk are making an appearance.

Multi National

Being so close to Maastricht airport we attract a lot of different nationalities. It is commonplace to hear many languages spoken in the café, including, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Limburg Dialect, Dutch, English, and the most common bar language.....Bullsh*t. Like the famous Cheers bar, we have our 'Norm', our 'Cliff', more than enough 'Woody's' and I guess that makes me a 'Sam' though I am not a reformed alcoholic more a reformed womaniser........not!

Multi National

't Gevelke means the front of a building, kind of similar to "facades" which is an anagram for "sad café"

So don't expect to come here enjoying yourselves!!!....just kidding

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