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               The Chris and Simon Drinking Game

                  British Eurosport Commentators

               Based on the Original 'Dick Button Drinking Game' By Trudi Marrapodi

                                         From the posters of Figure Skating Universe.



Chug whenever Chris or Simon mentions the following:

Tamara Moskvina, she's the MASTER of pairs skating!

Plushenko and Yagudin are so good that they "Can't be human!"

A male ice dancer who is "A real natural talent!"

When a skater suffers "A scarring experience."

When somebody skates "Through the music instead of to it."


*Chug when Chris/Simon utters the phrase "the best male dancer since Christopher Dean"

*Chug when they "thoroughly enjoyed the program"

*Chug when they call someone a "jumping machine"

*Chug if they're being patriotic

*Whenever they praise any of the dance teams, everybody must empty their glasses and run around a chair 10 times......

Whenever Simon starts to say ' And Elena is quite a remarkable story, when she was back with her ex partner...'- Briefly turn the sound down.

Turn back up to  hear him say: 'Yes, they'll make a film of her story one day'.

Chug when they say: ‘Let’s hear it for motherhood/old age/persistence’

Chug twice when they mention the coach and that: ‘He/she was out there going through every moment with them’

Chug 5 times when they say: ‘ They’re the nicest people you could ever wish to meet’ or ‘They work SO hard’ about Drobiasko & Vanagas

Chug when they say: ‘Bit of a dicey moment there’.

Drain your bottle when they say: ‘ I’ll have no arguments whoever wins this’

Light a cigarette every time they swoon over Diana Poth/ Irina Lobacheva et al.

Also why not chain smoke? So light a fag when they disagree/take the piss out of each other. Or utter the phrase: " Without a doubt"

Chug 5 times for each time they say: ‘It doesn’t get a lot better than that’.

Chug some more when they mention how much weight a female skater has lost/gained etc.

Dial out for a pizza when they say: ‘But will the judges go with it?’

Consider if you really want to still follow Figure skating next season and open a bottle of whisky when they say ‘ He/she did well to hold onto that’

Throw whisky over your entire tape collection and set fire to them when at the end of EVERY freeskate competition they say: ‘This has been the best night of dance/pairs/men/ladies skating that we can remember’.