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White English Pouter bred by Kenny Cran


  First saw my first english at a local breeder's

loft in 1965. It was at the loft of English Pouter Breeder, Kenny Cran in Fort Dodge, Iowa. After that, I was hooked!

  At that time Kenny had some of the finest birds in the midwest and was always willing to help people get into birds, especially the english pouters. Shortly after seeing these birds, I saved up enough money to purchase  birds in white. These birds were the pride of my loft and everyone would come and look at them.

  My second pair of birds I purchased from Kenny

were a pair of reds. These birds were alittle taller than the whites I first got and would really blow up, but I still liked the blue bar ones he had. So I finally was able to save up enough to purchase two pairs of blues and was really happy with the birds I got from him.

  I've had several different types of pigeons through the years but english have always been in my loft. And they all have been birds out of Kenny's birds. They are always tame and showy just like I think english should be.

  Then in the early nineties, I sent to California and got two hens from Frank Barrachina. The prices sure changed but the birds were different.

 Longer legs, but they didn't seem to be as tame as the old Cran birds were. Don't know why, but I was determined to get them back to being tame. So I kept breeding them back on my Cran birds and evenually they started getting tamer and showier.

  Then after the Des Moines National Show, I purchased birds from Rick Peters. These were birds out of Joe Oldja's bloodline and they were outstanding birds. Below is a picture of one of the birds purchased from Rick Peters.