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Hey there! I am one of the staff managers of CabalArticles, a hungry young content writing combine. We all publish in Spanish and English for world-wide web visitors, and are available for articles and other content production for your website. Below you may find my CV, and of course you'll be able to see other staff managers and team members' resumes on this web page. At the end of my CV, you are going to see some examples of our exhibited posts. For work queries, you should mail us with the form on this webpage and we shall follow up as soon as possible.

Curriculum Vitae
Georgia A. Corle
2293 Wakefield Street
Philadelphia, PA

Graduated With Special Honors from Dartmouth College
10 years of writing experience (explicitly for Internet visitors)
Exquisite fluency in Latin
Professional, business-oriented staff member with a talent for particulars

Business Experience
CabalArticles, New York City, NY
2001 - Present
Staff Organizer
Accountable for setting up a global team of internet writers to suit a demanding set of growth goals and objectives.
- Set records for production, increasing productivity by 20% worldwide
- Properly kept continuous logs of job distribution
- Maintained QA for world-wide creation across a significant team of writers

Extra Skillsets

Competent in Latin
Advanced skills using a full selection of office software programs

Samples of Released Writing