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Stupid people who disagree with me.

This page is a collection of the ignorant emails i recieve regarding this site. You can send me hate mail here.By sending me mail, you are saying that I can put it on my site and make fun of you for being stupid and not agreeing with me. The stupid emails are in bold.

Just so you know, gatorade has water in it... therefore your #4 reason for why water sucks really isn't a good reason at all. kelly

Well, kelly, you are supposed to capitalize the first letter of your name, it should be Kelly, not kelly. You really should learn about things before you comment on them. Read the ingredients on a Gatorade bottle. The first one is water. ALL the other ones are not water. If you would think, just a little bit, you would realize all the other ingredients destroy the evil factor of water, therefore it is ok to drink gatorade. Next time, think before you make an ass out of yourself.

you are made of 80% water that means you 80% suck bitch.

thats fuckin right motherfucker.

Well I'm glad you know me so well. I mean, seeing how you have met me and stuff, and seen me, and done tests on me to determine what my body is made of. The last time I checked, I was made of skin, bones, blood, muscles, hair, teeth, and a few other things. But never once in my life have I come across my water tank, and you would think it would be pretty easy to find seeing how its 80% of my body. Please...80% of my body? No. You lie. I am not made of water at all. And even if I was made of 80% water, that has nothing to do with sucking bitch. you are stupid.

OK I have a question, our bodies are like 80% water or some factor like that. Are we evil too? ~Breanna

Well Breanna, I think your name sucks. If you had any inteligence at all, you would see that I already responded to this "issue". Maybe if you spent more of your time on learning instead of writing in purple font you would see this. I want to punch you in the face.

1. water is tasteless unless flavourings or chemicals are added. therefore it doesn't taste like shit. how do you know what shit tastes like anyway? 2. things don't get wet if if you laminate them. 3. you have to be smarter than the water. ie don't stick your electric appliances in water or water- like substances. 4. gatorade is colored water with funky taste added. funky in a bad way. 5. if you are worried about micro-organisms, you should be more concered with the air you breathe. perhaps less time hating water and more time buying gasmasks is necessary. 6. you are lying. drowning doesn't kill people. exploding lungs kill people. 7. water helps keep things sanitary so you don't get the plague and die. they even put out little yellow signs alerting you of this fact. show some respect. 8. more monsters live in closets, caves, and under beds combined than in water. plus you know, they are not real. 9. you want to talk greedy bitches? lets talk humans destroying natural resources every chance they get and taking animal's habitats away so we can have mini malls that sell nothing but shoes and clothing manufactured in sweat shops. 10. i drink water. i am not a terrorist. you want to support me, don't you?? 11. water, in its liquid form, can be used to put out fires and thus save lives. 12. many people have survived avalanches and gone on to thank water for giving them a near death experience and thus opening their eyes to the wonder that is life. 13. i am not trendy. i am not cool. i do not wish to be either. therefore this theory fails. 14. actually, pee is in water, not the other way around (and if that is wrong, shuttup). and there are some people that are so nasty that pee appeals to them. 15. water also lets tigers live. tigers devour grizzly bears. 16. this guy i know got shot in the head and died. water was not involved in anyway. 17. you lie. 18. people crap in water because it is sanitary and noone wants to get hep a and die. remember the middle ages?? people crapping all over the place. in the streets, on the hearth, everywhere. you should be down on your knees thanking water and everyone at the toilet factory. 19. LIAR. 20. if cats are so highly evolved, why can't they speak? cats hate water because they suck. that is all. 21. actually i'd say people developing land on filled in bogs and swamps, which in nature are used for drainage, are the leading cause of floods. 22. the celcuis system is fucked up. all that shows is water is a mircale liquid. 23. 'innocent' bacteria will eat away at your internal organs if you let them. and water doesn't destroy them. other things (like chemicals) do. 24. while that may be bad news for all the old people and surfers that live on the coast, it is good news for fish. quit being such a pansy. or move to the midwest. 25. many forest fires are started by humans. they destroy animal's homes. humans go against nature, water saves it. 26. hitler was bad. water rocks. 27. you shouldn't fuck with iron in the first place. 28. you made that up. 29. water doesn't kill puppies. i kill puppies. 30. hippos are misunderstood, docile animals. however, if you are an ignorant human, hippos will attack you and rip out your guts in order to save the planet. that is pretty damn heroic. you should love water for assisting these noble creatures. i hope this clears up any missconceptions on your part. good day. -malory

You are dumb, dumb, dumb.